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The Sprite War

Date: 22-Sep-2009/18:08+3:00

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I was sitting on a bed and talking to someone I believed to be LiveJournal user "mrnihil". There were several books strewn around on the ground. I picked up a book with two pictures on the cover of a rather unattractive woman, and it was titled something like Things I Never Believed I Could Believe. She looked something like this:
It was a thick book, and seemed sort of "self-help" or "new-age"... and I didn't feel like reading it, but something made me flip through it. It was a personal memoir, and it addressed her life and what it was like feeling unattractive. One part described a relationship she was in where a guy wanted to marry her, and she argued that there was no financial benefit so they shouldn't do it. At one point she had been arrested for something she had done, and she was depressed about that.
As I kept looking she broke into talking about her dreams. In one set, she became aware that she was dreaming because of the unique fonts on a computer she was using--which she described in detail. The section I read was called The Sprite War.
Note Besides being a drink, "sprite" is a technical term for a computer graphic that can be animated independently and move around the screen. You could call Mario in Super Mario Brothers a "sprite"
In the section she mentioned that she was reading computer code which used a lot of pairs of colons in a row ("::"). She recognized it as C++ code, because she had taken a class in programming in college.
Note Two colons in a row are the C++ operator for selecting things out of a namespace. So if you have two different things named "foo" you could distinguish them via "namespace1::foo" and "namespace2::foo"
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