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Not as Brilliant when it's Dry

Date: 22-Sep-2009/18:07+3:00

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I was watching a scene unfold--something like I was present or in a movie. It was about a college English professor who had gotten drunk/high and read one of his female student's manuscripts. He decided it was the most brilliant thing he'd ever read, and vowed to help her get it published.
The next day he apologized for his inappropriate behavior. He insisted that his motivation was to help her publish her brilliant work, and he wanted to go over it with her.
While doing so he became very confused. He was sure it was the same copy of the manuscript, but somehow it wasn't good anymore. Searching for reasons how this could be--he concluded that it must have been because when he'd read it before, it was a bit wet because it was carried in the rain.
Note I found this amusing.
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