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Axis of Evil

Date: 5-Sep-2009/17:58+3:00

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Characters: me, violent criminal, petty thief, joe, woman, girl

I was visiting a girl and we were at her house trying to decide what movie to watch.
me: "Oh, hm. I see you have Axis of Evil I had been meaning to see that..."
Note For some reason, I mentally associated this with the movie Inglourious Basterds. But I definitely said "Axis of Evil".
She put the movie in and we watched it. The essential plot was that there were two groups of criminals--some petty thieves and some much more prone to violence and murder. Somehow the two groups had met, and were involved in a joint scheme to do counterfeiting. The currency they were attempting to counterfeit needed not only the parts they had but also a certain kind of thread or fiber to be put into it, and they were trying to figure out how to buy a large amount of this unusual fiber without drawing attention to themselves.
It was violent and somewhat farcical, in that the meaner criminal group kept killing people in the other group based on small misunderstandings--yet they kept patching it up. It was more being done for the amusement of the hardened criminals. Sample scene:
violent criminal: (holding gun to petty thief's head) "Okay, this briefcase should contain $100,000. I'm gonna give it to Joe and he's going to go count it. If every dollar isn't in there, I'll shoot you."
petty thief: "I swear! It's all in there! I swear!"
Joe walks into the next room with the briefcase. The camera follows him so we see that he doesn't even open it, he just starts smoking a cigarette and killing time. Scene switches back to the other room.
violent criminal: "This is taking a long time, there must be something wrong."
joe: (yelling from other room, still not having done any counting) "Yeah no problem boss, it's all there, every dollar."
violent criminal: (shoots petty thief) "Whatever."
Each time an incident like this would happen, the groups would get back together and try to sort out what would happen. The terrified petty thieves--who didn't know each other all that well--would keep going along with it stupidly. There was a lot of blood and gore splattering.
Note This doesn't actually seem all that unlike what might be in a Quentin Tarantino movie, so perhaps there's some reason it registered as such in my mind before watching it.
It's rather unclear how, but the dream transitioned to a man who was supposed to have something to do with Microsoft who had a Rubik's cube on his head. The Rubik's cube had Christmas lights on each of the white squares. He solved the cube and then noticed with alarm that there was an extra light after solving. A woman near him scolded her daughter.
woman: "Where did that extra light come from?!"
girl: "It's a 90 Watt light, it's dangerous...it needs to be there."
woman: "That is not a 90 Watt light! It's much less! I'm taking it out..."
She pulled the extra light out, but when she did it had a special color indication on its tip. When it was removed, the lights began to blink.
In ordinary Christmas light sets, the ones with special tips typically cause blinking--not prevent it:
...though it would be feasible to construct a Christmas light set that had the opposite effect if it were some kind of short-circuit which provided access to a continuous power signal rather than a varying one.
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