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No Restaurant Exit

Date: 4-Sep-2009/12:09+3:00

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Characters: greeter, me, woman, woman one

Somehow I found myself inside a building which had several restaurants and bars in it. I began to look for an exit, and at every turn someone would try to offer me some food. Wary of being poisoned (for some reason) I turned it down, and really wanted to leave.
An Asian girl who was apparently working as a "greeter" at the restaurant stopped me as I tried to swiftly walk past without being accosted.
greeter: (smiling) "Hi, do you have a reservation?"
me: (relieved) "Nope! Sorry!"
greeter: "Oh then I can make one for you! You'll like it"
me: "No thank you... I'm not hungry."
I walked along to what looked like an Exit and pushed it. But that put me face to face with another restaurant that looked a bit like Wolfgang Puck. People seated at tables looked at me like they didn't usually expect people to come in the restaurant through that door.
Backing away, I stopped to talk to an older woman at a reception desk in the hall.
me: "This is a very nice building, everything in here is so fancy."
woman: (beaming) "Yes, isn't it! It was built by..."
Note She went into a brief summary of who built it and when and I don't remember the details.
me: "That's great. However, I'm looking for... a door that exits the building. One that doesn't go into a restaurant, but goes from the inside of the building to the outside."
woman: (puzzled) "What? Why would there be such a thing? Who would want it?"
me: (sighing) "I had a feeling you were going to say that."
There was some series of transitions in this particular narrative to where I had been locked in a room that I managed to get out of, and as I was getting away a large group of women stopped me.
woman one: "No, we told you. Under no circumstances are you leaving."
I noticed some of the other girls in the crowd were very attractive, and began to have second thoughts.
me: "Well, I'm not... I'm not opposed to certain forms of captivity. But if I'm going to talk about terms of that, then I want to be discussing the issue with her and her."
I pointed, and the girls kind of looked at each other to confirm who I was indicating. They smiled.
woman one: "Of course you'd pick them. But do you even remember their names?!"
me: "I'm sorry, no. And I don't remember how I got here. All I remember at the moment is running around this building full of restaurants and trying to get out."
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