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Jobs On Moon Bases

Date: 6-Mar-2018/11:05+3:00

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I was looking on a computer or tablet of some kind at job listings on a website that resembled StackOverflow. Something different about it was that it had a map of the United States when you were specifying where you would be looking for the job, and you could pick a region.
nder the region categories was "Earth" and then "Other" where it listed Mars and moon bases, and bases in the orbit of the moon.
It wasn't clear if the off-earth choices were a joke in this context. It had some kind of parenthetical "clarification" like "The moon is an earth base". There was also a check box for "don't waste my time--only list things located downtown in cities!"
For some reason I clicked the midwest section. A job listing came up that I felt somewhat interested in, that was in Kansas City, MO. It was looking for someone with interest in entrepreneurship that was looking for a job that you could try out on a monthly basis. "Wheat" was in the job title, and had something to do with writing control software for saws or grinders of some kind.
Going through a phase of awakening I thought it would be interesting to check to see if that listing--or something like it--was also on the StackOverflow I knew. I hadn't actually awoken, however.
Upon fully awakening, I could not find any listings that mentioned "wheat".
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