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No Blocks from the Past!

Date: 6-Mar-2018/11:05+3:00

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I was watching a Mario-style game where someone else seemed to be playing. It didn't seem to scroll left and right, but you'd go one screen at a time, jumping off the sides of the screen to get from one page to another.
The character had come to what appeared to be a dead-end. There was a red girder-looking lift (like you'd see in Super Mario dungeon levels) on the right hand side of the screen, and then a solid wall of vertical girders to the right of that. It would appear that once you'd jumped onto that girder you were completely trapped and could go no further.
Whoever was playing somehow knew that they could do some trickery, waiting for another small lift to come along, and seemingly was messing with time in some way. They jumped back to the left hand side of the screen from which they came. It seemed like in one of the maneuvers trying to jump where an invisible platform had been they died...but this wasn't apparently a big deal because they'd checkpointed far enough that they could go back off the left to the previous screen.
On the previous screen there was some kind of cut scene, and a rhinocerous-style thing appeared. It gave some kind of monologue about how it had learned its lesson and it was going to destroy all the bricks so you would have no way to fight it.
So it began punching bricks, as the character jumped around. Seemingly the character could shoot and fire at some monster, which looked a bit like a bulldog and was the size of a block itself. Blocks were being destroyed and it came to a point where some of them were sweeping back and forth across the screen in a stuck pattern.
Apparently this was another dead-end-looking place, but whoever was playing made some remark about how this was where to use a special power. So they used it, and only the character and the blocks on the screen they were standing teleported to a room which had what appeared to be a blinking Apple computer logo with the apple and a bite taken out of it...in the center of the screen.
The blocks forming platform the character was on continued to move left and right, but when it passed the logo it destroyed the blocks. This was enough damage apparently to solve whatever conundrum the character was facing on the other screen, so when they flipped back they defeated the bulldog and the rhinocerous (which may have just been a larger scale drawing of that character) appeared to monologue again.
Incredulously, the rhinocerous didn't understand how he could have been beaten. He'd even looked through all of time to make sure there weren't any blocks from the past you could have pulled from. (Which supposedly would be a game tactic you had used, distinct from this tactic in which you went and found the Apple logo, though perhaps similar...the room you showed up in had been otherwise empty.)
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