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One Person is Hurt, One Person is Hitler

Date: 1-Mar-2018/11:05+3:00

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Characters: me, her, man, bystander

I was walking toward home across a beach, and I met a girl who was talking to me while somehow also playing Jeopardy. She'd won it three days in a row. I was looking at her while she spoke, and eyeing her legs (but tried to be unobtrusive lest she notice).
me: "How much did you win?"
her: "$75,000. But I also got an Ackerman scholarship for math in college worth $25,000. It's a scholarship for vectors."
me: (joking) "Why'd they give the money to you, if it's a scholarship for vectors? If the vectors got it, they could use it to increase their magnitude."
My joke seemed funny at the time, where the presumption was that she was studying vector mathematics...so it was "for her to study that". But saying it was "for" vectors I was imagining the only think vectors would spend money on, which would be increasing their magnitude. As opposed to changing their orientation, which is limited over a range. I dunno. It wasn't as funny when I woke up.
I parted ways with the girl some how, and noticed a large red Nord keyboard instrument sitting on the ground. Then I saw several music vendors, including a guy selling guitars. We had a conversation about his life being divorced and having children; I listened.
I had kind of a parallel conversation in waking life with a guy who works in a paper mill, who has 4 kids and his wife recently divorced him. He was saying life kind of sucked and he didn't like going out.
man: "Hey, do you want to get something to eat?"
me: "I'm going to be meeting a girl for a date later, but not doing anything until then. We could eat now then I could just drink, so...sure."
On our way to wherever we were going, a car came careening along and knocked him over. He got up and seemed okay. The car kept going, and yelled back at him...but then that car got in a deadly-looking collision flipping their cars into a building.
man: (laughing) "Well--talk about instant karma!"
A bystander picked up a phone to report the situation.
bystander: "We have a situation here. One person is hurt, and one person is Hitler."
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