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Not Just A Phone

Date: 28-Feb-2018/11:05+3:00

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Characters: guy, me, girl, voice, being

I was tinkering with a fancy phone. There was a weird branding on it in abbreviation, and it was called something like NJAP which expanded to be "Not Just A Phone".
I noticed it was able to slide open to have a keyboard. But once slid open like that, I felt another mechanism underneath it. It slid out to be even bigger, producing more parts as I tugged on it...expanding out speakers, a piano keyboard, etc. It became unreasonably big.
I was taking some notes, talking to another guy...when I called out to the phone "play some Mesh". Some music started playing which I identified as a Pet Shop Boys song.
"Mesh" is a British synth-pop band I listen to.
guy: (amused) "The words are right on that. Now the question of the hour is: who's that voice singing it."
me: (still scribbling notes) "No clue."
Like some other devices of this nature, I was able to stretch it out to make it bigger. I began a communication (not on the phone) with a girl who I somehow related to the musician who goes by POE, and addressed her as such.
girl: "Don't call me that!"
me: "Do you talk to me because there's something special? How is it you are talking to me?"
girl: "Well, you get special treatment. We can read what you're trying to say, and then image back."
I began floating around in a giant epic rendered landscape, like something out of a vast modern animated movie.
me: "What is this? Who built all this?"
voice: "This was built in a version of the world that doesn't have all the problems you've seen in yours. I think you understand that without those severe handicaps, a tremendous amount more could be accomplished."
A strangee being materialized and hugged me.
being: "Always remember--you will die, I will die, everything will. We will achieve great things, great unifications. It is on the horizon. But even with all of that, things must end at some point. They have to."
Somewhere after this, there was a bizarre detour in a room with someone who wanted to ask on behalf of "Hola's restaurant" if they could change their bridge playing database account so their name could be Benjamin. :-/
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