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And You Did It 'Til the Ennnnnnnd!

Date: 26-Feb-2018/9:56+3:00

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Characters: me, guy in line, asian man, woman

I was standing in line at a shopping center. A cartoon guy dressed as a stereotypical red "devil" character was kind of moving through the room, and he morphed from 3-D into 2D, becoming what seemed to be animated chalk on the wall. He kept moving in that form.
I turned to a guy waiting in line next to me.
me: "All right, that's pretty much hint #2 that this is a dream."
guy in line: "Why would you say that?"
me: "Because that kind of thing isn't possible at the level of technology where I'm from. You'd have to live in a virtual reality. Or you'd need nanotech to get that effect...and we don't have nanotech yet."
An Asian man who I hadn't noticed was standing next to me, seemingly not in line.
asian man: (interrupting) "What about soil microbes? That's nanotech."
me: "I meant human-made, something to do that devil-effect of morphing from being 3D to flat and moving around the surface of a wall."
asian man: (changing subject) "We are currently looking at the mailbox of your old address, 200 at 81 vine. We need your help understanding your signature."
A few other people showed up with him, while there were attempted attacks at me. The people with him defended me, stopping the attackers when I'd give them an indication of where I perceived the attack coming from.
Due to their helpfulness, I decided I'd trust them.
woman: (alarmed) "So, when you check your mail, do you wear gloves?"
me: "Um, no...?"
woman: "You should."
asian man: "Does your signature contain any particular symbols, encoded from something from a music video? For instance, have you ever heard the song: 'You Did It Til the End'"
They sang a couple of unrecognizable bars from this song.
me: "Nope, that sounds not at all familiar. My signature is a scribble, keeps getting worse as I put less and less into it."
woman: (laughing) "They're like "hey look, sure this must be Brian's signature, it's probably his charity!""
In context it seemed like they were forensically analyzing claims about my authorization of expenses in some parallel universe where I am not present, but my influence or potential wealth is somehow still relevant.
My contrarian nature means that now, at one point or another I have added "and you did it till the end..." when signing a restaurant receipt or two. But I then write HAHAHAHA or something.
(Sorry if I'm being a pain to any transdimensional signature analysis, but I have to cover all the bases here.)
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