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Win-Win Situation

Date: 24-Feb-2015/19:54:26-5:00

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Characters: me, robot, evil man, man, woman, second girl

I found myself in the middle of what I thought was a Star Trek movie...in the midst of some kind of holographic re-enactment of it. The characters were going around and things were happening, with alarmist behaviors about some giant destructive bomb. Other people were around and I talked out loud about it.
me: (confused) "Wait, so is this the one where they have that big red sphere of planet destroying stuff the Vulcans made for a scientific purpose, but the angry guy is trying to steal it?"
We moved into another room which had a viewport into a hangar, where some kind of experimental ship was flying and there was more alarmist talk about it being taken over.
me: "Okay, so there was that kind of hover ship that Khan had that he used to shoot up the Federation when they had the meeting...I guess that was the last one I saw. But this isn't right."
Our party stopped and I picked up some food, and ate it for some reason. My hands now had some kind of grease on them, but there was an alarm and we had to run. I ran along through the strange tunnels of what I still perceived to be a Star-Trek kind of ship, and had to climb some things; noticing that my hands were leaving things on the rails. I was worried someone might slip so I wiped them off.
me: "That's something about sci-fi, they rarely show people doing ordinary things. No washing your hands, no going to the restroom. Someone could slip on these--I wonder if people sign a waiver before doing this."
Note I don't know what I meant by "this" in the case, but the way I seemed to mean it was "being a tourist inside of a virtualized movie environment".
As I tried to climb one of the things we were running through, I had trouble making it and was going to slip. A woman behind me strongly managed to grab me and right me on the ledge. She was very attractive, and I thanked her...we kept going. I fell again and just sort of laid there, exhausted.
She came up behind me and instead of immediately picking me up, started licking my neck and then turned to me started kissing me. I was surprised.
Some kind of rolling rectangular robot was turning around and coming by in the room. I looked closely at it. There were numbers on the side of it which were counting in various ways, but it didn't look like light-emitting screens. It just looked like the surface of the robot with painted numbers were being rewritten.
me: "Wonder how long it took people to make the computer graphics on this stuff. How do they come up with the numbers? What do they mean?"
The robot turned one edge toward another woman nearby, and the edge seemed to have a face on it.
robot: (threateningly) "Drop your weapon, you have ten seconds to comply."
The woman didn't have any weapons and looked nervous.
robot: (threateningly) "You have eight seconds to comply."
me: (to woman) "That's a RoboCop reference."
The robot fizzled some and turned and started rolling along bumping into walls and acting drunk as it went down the hall with an "evil" seeming man.
At one point the "evil" man--who I understood somehow to be a villain in the story, turned and spoke to me, supposedly about the robot.
evil man: "Sometimes it is the greatest ones, the most trusted ones that you rely on the most...those are the ones that turn on you."
me: "I guess?"
At this point something I could not see grabbed ahold of me and pushed me against a beam, causing a pressure on my chest. I turned around and all I could see was the robot, which seemed too short to have pushed from that position.
The situation seemed to "Pause", and the robot just sat there. Another man and I stopped to look at it.
man: "That robot is too short to cause a pressure point at that position."
He stood up to the beam and I tried pushing him with the robot, it would basically knock your knee into the beam.
I picked up the robot and looked at it.
me: "Oh, it's telescoping. It can extend to stand."
Pulling the robot up it had a base like an accordion, and could get to be roughly chest-height.
man: "Hmmm. Maybe..."
I put the robot down and it followed "evil man" off down the hall and they went into some area with a door like a garage that pulled down after them. The other man and I went through a different door and it had several areas that were bed quarters, with a bathroom at the end of the hall.
Most of the bedroom doors were closed, but I found one that was open. When I went in, the girl who had kissed me from earlier was in it and in bed.
woman: (suggestively) "Door's open..."
I had a very bad taste in my mouth, and needed to do something about it.
me: "Sounds good to me! But per our previous discussion about characters in movies not doing things they should, I really need to brush my teeth...be back."
As I went to the bathroom, I pondered this woman's interest in me due to not feeling like I was attractive enough.
Note While everyone has their insecurities, I don't suffer particularly strong thoughts that I'm not attractive in waking life. The feeling I had here was something different.
While puzzling why the girl would be interested in me, I looked in the bathroom mirror. In Quantum-Leap style, I looked nothing like me...but like a uniformed character off a Star-Trek like show. I was stocky and bald with rifts of hair and a bushy moustache.
me: (laughing) "I guess it's sometimes better to be 80s cop-show police-chief tough-guy than some of these other characters."
I brushed my teeth and trimmed at the moustache, seemingly simultaneously, and got out of the uniform.
Note Several of these statements and thoughts were much more like someone else was saying them and I was observing them. That would include my lack of awareness of what to do to trim such a moustache.
When I returned to the room, there was now a second girl and another guy on the bed. The other guy was making out with the previous woman, and the new girl was sitting there watching.
A strange voice and sudden callout of the look of acknowledgment between the other guy and me about a shared interest in the first girl came up. The voice (spoken by neither of us) said "Bro Moment", and it seemed as if it had been edited into the experience like the way a reality TV show editor would do).
woman: "So... is your friend heterosexual or homosexual?"
me: "I'm heterosexual."
woman: "So which of the two of us were you wanting?"
Feeling it a bit of a trick question, as well as the suggestion or feeling that the other guy and I were friends somehow, I looked at everyone and paused.
me: "I've always been a believer in 'win-win situations'."
woman: (unamusedly) "Well that's not my thing, sorry."
me: (sighing) "I think I'll always be in favor of them."
It seemed that everyone had morphed away from the character forms and were looking more like ordinary people all of a sudden--perhaps arguably unattractive ones.
The second girl had moved to be seated on a chair with a cat in her lap. She addressed me.
second girl: (stroking cat) "I actually thought that was a pretty good answer. My boy Carmen thinks exactly like that."
me: (confused) "Is your boy Carmen the cat?"
second girl: "No, my boy Carmen the boy."
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