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Bigfoot's Consensual Relationship

Date: 28-Nov-2014/9:56+3:00

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Characters: me, bartender, child, figurine

I was drinking beer in some kind of rough place, where servers and other people kept knocking the drink I had out of my hand. The bartender got up and began performing some routine. I was angry, and just refilled my own glass from the tap.
He came back and challenged me about it (or I just pre-emptively defended myself).
me: "Look I'm not trying to steal. I'm willing to pay for the beer I drink. But only if someone in this place actually lets me drink it."
bartender: "I'll be happy if you just buy one of these kegs and take it. They're $99 and very good quality, I'll be out of them soon."
For some reason I had a $120 bill with me. But I didn't want to buy a keg, so I tried to just pay for what beer I'd had.
The bartender didn't take the bill, but began putting an orange paste on my hand next to it. A nearby child watched.
me: "Hey, what's with this stuff you're putting on my hand?"
child: "It's forensics. It looks inside of you. He's very good at it."
The orange paste was sitting alongside the $120 bill in a container and it started to morph into sections of a kind of 3D web page. He looked over it with glasses.
bartender: (shrugging) "It says you're good."
I could sort of view what he was looking into. It was compartments of judgments in various areas. Little figurines that seemed to be like Disney characters came out of each compartment making comments. "He is good." "He was good." "Very questionable."
For some reason I gathered this was talking about online contributions.
me: (skeptically) "If a character goes against you in one section, does it just go against you in all of them?"
figurine: "I don't see how anyone who doesn't laugh at movies like .... can be trusted."
me: "Wait. I mean, I've never heard of or seen these movies. What's with that?"
bartender: "There can be bugs, report them."
Reading the sections, it just seemed like nonsense...debating about whether relationships between fictitious characters were consensual. One was people weighing in on "did Bigfoot and The Little Mermaid have a consensual relationship".
I looked away from this strange set of discussions to a thread talking about what it took to rebuild cities not so they would last for eternity, but so that they could be upgraded for the long view. It mentioned Google's involvement, and there were diagrams.
Then I awoke.
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