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The K Guys

Date: 18-Nov-2014

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Characters: friend, bearded man, me, indian man, light haired man, dog, bystander

I was having some kind of strange discussion with an ex-girlfriend about other ex-girlfriends. She was expressing approval of some (that were known) and disapproval of others (who aren't names of people I'd met or heard of).
Becoming lucid that I really would not be talking to this person in real life, I began to ignore her and pay more attention to the issue that I couldn't really move well. It seemed like I was stuck to the floor and my maneuvering wasn't very good. A friend of mine walked in the door and saw my situation.
friend: "Hmmm...you've got a stuck link, let me try and help."
He tackled me and we sort of rolled together around the room, in a way resembling how fights in cartoons turn into a blur where you can no longer see the characters. It seemed to improve the situation and I felt like I could move more freely, but I was still stuck. He seemed disappointed.
friend: (thoughtfully) "No...you've got an issue, it's some kind of reaction to David. The interference is strongest whenever you're nearest him."
He indicated a man with a bushy black beard who was sitting on the floor. The bearded man examined me.
bearded man: "It's probably some residual coming from religious alignments. He's very much on the outliers. It indicates either he's broken all his links and fallen from grace...or perhaps he was just never in the system to begin with?"
me: "I wasn't raised to be "religious", and I ask a lot of questions."
The bearded man and another group of people got together and seemed to be examining my history.
bearded man: "So he used to work for Raytheon, that's military, right?"
me: "I'm an engineer but I've never worked for Raytheon, I was a researcher at Microsoft."
The bearded man seemed to confer with some other people.
bearded man: "Well that's strange. Clu suspects a hack in the records that's causing you lots of problems."
Note I heard this as "Clu", a TRON reference for "Codified Likeness Utility". But that's just contextual. I suppose the word clue is more general. But who's to say in this wacky multiverse?
bearded man: "How many installations of your project were there? What were the distribution numbers?"
me: (shrugging) "I don't know. It was research. I left before it became productized, and I don't really know what's happening with it now. As far as I know the original code isn't being used, just bits of the design."
I began having trouble with my teeth coming out. When the teeth came out, they looked larger than they should be. They had hollowed interiors and some kind of orange filaments.
me: (annoyed) "Well, now I seem to be able to move all right but my teeth are coming out? What can I do?"
A burly Indian man came up to me and made a large sneeze-like gesture, which wiped all his teeth out in one go, he held them up to me.
indian man: "It's just a faulty interface. Tear it all out at once, like that. Then reload."
Instead of fighting to be concerned about my teeth, I followed his advice and just ejected/spat them all out at once. They came out like a strange hybrid of false teeth and a computer keyboard with some becoming detached.
me: (thankfully) "Well that's cool, and seems to have fixed it. Sorry about spitting all over the room."
indian man: "If you're having issues with your mouth, drinking might help. Here."
He handed me some kind of container with what looked like orange soda in it, and a cup. I went to pour the orange soda into the cup. Yet since the environment seemed kind of "malleable", the idea occurred to me to try pouring from the container into the cup...while not emptying the container.
I tried to "imagine" the source container staying full as I poured from it. This appeared to work somewhat in that the levels stayed high, but I caused the orange drink to start to froth. A light-haired man nearby observed this, and laughed about it.
light haired man: "If you try that, you're probably just going to get foam!"
Still I was pretty happy with my ability to manipulate the environment. I sipped from the cup, but it was rather plain looking. So I started to aim to sculpt it with a sort of pottery notion. As I strained to visualize it differently...getting taller and changing shape...various augmented-reality measuring devices seemed to appear floating around it.
My aims became more ambitious, I started sculpting it with my mind into a kind of goblet. It seemed to become solid enough to hold with each change. I modified it to have a sort of angel on it like a sculpture on the front of a boat, and then put wings on the back of it. Wanting the wings to be functional, I imagined them as some kind of bottle opener. The whole thing seemed to stabilize in my hand with each successive design step.
Pleased with my goblet, I went to show it to the group. Unfortunately I seemed to become stuck in my shirt somehow where it was going up over my head. It didn't have any opening for my head and I was getting lost in it.
I tried not to panic about it and use the same "visualization" technique to visualize a hole in the shirt, which I poked my head out of. The light-haired man was somewhat amused.
light haired man: "So that's good, but where you really need work is on handling interference. Women are naturally better at this; because they go around the world always having to kind of "dodge attacks" from attention in their environment. How about some practice?"
He seemed to summon a large doberman which tackled me and pinned me to the ground. He was pushing against me in a rhythmic beat and sort of going "grrr...grrr...grrr".
Trying to keep my cool about it, I tried to turn it into music and began visualizing the sound. It seemed that as I visualized the pulses as music, the stress from the doberman began to ease up and it was like it started "singing" with me. We ran through various genres and riffs of music, until I broke into some kind of really insane operatic stuff singing in what sounded like a woman's voice.
The dog, surprised by the sound stopped and looked at me.
dog: "You're doing that? Whoa. That's...interesting."
We dispersed a bit and I noticed there was a large hubbub where the people I'd been talking to seemed to be facing an attack from some kind of androgynous maniac in a military uniform. They were all holding this screaming person back, who seemed to be making demands of them about money or something else to make them go away.
I decided to join in and try to help. The maniac had some kind of stick, I thought. But when I grabbed it away from them it seemed to be a rifle.
When I pulled it away and pointed it at the maniac everyone just kind of stopped and stared. We paused for a moment, before I spoke.
me: "The wildcard here, I guess...is I don't know what will or not happen. I'm not afraid shooting this gun won't work, nor am I afraid that shooting it will work. Pretty much anything could happen I guess. Let's try and see?"
Trying to pull the trigger nothing happened.
me: "Well that didn't do anything. What if I poke you with it?"
I poked the maniac in the throat with the gun and pushed them backward, seemingly into a closet of some kind. It began to seem like I was shoving the gun into a hole that looked like it was the opening of a birdhouse. I just kind of pushed on it until the issue seemed to go away...but no sooner did I stop than the birdhouse turned into some other kind of attacking thing.
Forgetting about the gun, I tried to just use my mind to kind of "erase" the attack. I conceptually folded the attacker down smaller and smaller until they sort of disappeared and became the beige carpet. Then when I stopped focusing it seemed like there was a force trying to re-emerge, as a rectangle on the carpet kept rising.
me: "Well maybe instead of pushing this carpet square down, I can just...peel it off?"
Gripping the flat pattern off the beige carpet, I picked it up as if it were a doormat-sized item. Then I went and pinned it on a wall which had what seemed to be a lot of Post-It notes and other things on it.
me: "There. It's a tapestry now. If doormats passed for tapestries, that is."
There was a short discussion where people tried to decide who I'd been in a "past life", and how they'd thought I was someone because I smiled and laughed like that person.
I stopped to read the instructions on the side of a box of herbal tea that I found on a counter. It was describing dangers for Earth relating to a bug in Android OS, and the ramifications that was going to have for a particular friend of mine.
me: "The message on this tea seems to pertain especially to people I know, and is talking about the consequences of a bug in Android OS on Earth. What does that mean?"
bystander: "There are various stages of code being seen by forces at certain points of time. And where you are discovered kind of puts you ahead of or behind a wavefront; it depends on where you made your name for yourself and left your mark. I'm lucky because of some work that I did; it's kind of a fluke that got me in your cluster. Many of your other contacts are kind of screwed...it's a problem of "computational distance", and small things can make a difference."
I did some other morphing on objects around me, and observed the strange goings on in the environment.
me: "I don't know what you mean. The only thing I know is that no one else I know of seems to have this kind of thing happen to them. Howw many people are there here, who know about all this and are doing this kind of stuff?"
bystander: "K guys."
me: "K guys? Well I was asking what number is K, then?"
He tuned his voice to either repeat himself or pronounce a new word and drop the s.
bystander: "Kegei."
Note I can not find any mystical term referring to the "kegei" as some kind of thing in the universe of New Age or Tinfoil Hat terminology. But now there's one instance.
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