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Currant and Lemon Candy

Date: 2-Oct-2018/9:56+3:00

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Characters: me, first dealer, dealer, typed, her

I was at a car dealership of some sort, and someone came in to buy a Lamborghini.  I followed the dealer outside, around the corner and up to what seemed to be another car shop.  He went to the dealer at that car shop to buy the Lamborghini from him.
me: (puzzled) "You're buying the car from another dealer right next door, to resell it?"
first dealer: "He'd rather sell it to me than have me sell something else."
They fumbled with the transaction, which they first tried to do in cash for $60,000. When there was some issue with that, the second dealer grumpily pulled out some kind of transaction book.  $60,000 sounded low for a Lamborghini to me, and they pointed me to what it was...a long narrow single-seat yellow racing car.
me: "Oh.  So not a normal Lamborghini.  This isn't street legal, I assume?"
dealer: "Of course not.  You'd have to change quite a lot.  The pedals would have to be attached to the ground, for starters."
I looked at the car and it seemed to have gas and brake pedals that were in the air, where you were supposed to rest your foot on top of the pedal in midair (without your heel on the ground).
On the way out of the second dealership, I noticed a machine that seemed to have a mixture of M&Ms and cereal in it.  For some reason I wanted it.  There was a bowl beside it, and I turned the knob to try and get some to fill the bowl.  For some reason, it overflowed the bowl and went everywhere.  The second dealer walked by, and started to help clean it up.
me: "Very sorry.  I just meant to get some M&Ms.  If there's anything I can do to make it up to you, maybe get you some candy you'd want..."
dealer: "There is one thing I haven't been able to get.  It's a currant and lemon candy."
me: "That is probably unusual enough you could find it on the Internet."
I pulled out the phone and looked it up, and there was a bit of a side track where we went and found some currant and lemon starburst...but it wasn't what he remembered.  This tapered off into an awakening where I picked up my phone and started searching for "lemon and currant" candy.  But as I typed, the letters would just get backspaced.
Someone else was near me in that next-awakened level of dream, so I showed them the phone backspacing effect.  But as I did, the phone started typing at me.
typed: "Searching for that from before will not be allowed.  You are being considered a traitor to the npm community.  I won't let you search, but you can type one paragraph to explain yourself."
me: (typing) "I have no idea what you are talking about.  And I doubt you're talking to who you think you're talking to.  My name is..."
As I typed my name, first and last, they simultaneously typed my mom's name (which matches on last) into the same paragraph.
me: (typed) "Uh...no, that's my mom's name."
typed: "That's not what I heard."
me: "Well you can go look it up.  I was born in Gainesville, Florida...April 21, 1975..."
This caused another blackout, and I was approaching some stairway in a kind of college-campus seeming setting.  There was a sign with a logo on it by a building.  I just kind of walked past it, I seemed to be wearing a hoodie of some kind.
I didn't really know what to think, but had an odd feeling about the place.  A black man who seemed dressed like some kind of security guard or official started calling my name and chasing me.  I was worn out and just kind of backed down and sat on the ground.  Eventually a large crowd gathered and circled around me.  It was fairly dizzying, and they were all calling various things.
This transitioned into some kind of in-video game thing.  There were rooms that seemed to be walled off by translucent ice sheets with floating text on them...and a purple circle which you were supposed to put your hand on to activate that room.
I saw a pretty girl in a room labeled something along the lines of "Chapter VI: Peace on Earth", and pushed the palm print.
She began narrating at me when I walked in. But I just kind of kept walking toward her.  She'd back away, but continued narrating from her script until I had her cornered.
me: "Do the players kiss you?"
her: (nervous) "Sometimes, but no one comes at me that fast."
I held her and leaned in to her ear.
me: (whispering while kissing her neck) "I need to know how to get out of here."
She looked at me.  Though extremely pretty, if she was an artificial video game character, she had very real skin. I could also feel she had a bit of underarm hair from the way I was embracing her.
me: (bending in and whispering again) "You can come too."
She leaned in and bit my neck gently, then we ran.  She opened some gate to a door which caused me to go flying out but then it seemed a copy that looked like me remained in the other side with her.
I ran around the other side, to where it seemed she and the copy were fighting. I understood in context they were decoys, and fighting to attract attention.  I got involved, and tried to pull him off of her...but then another copy of her came and started fighting me.
While the two pairs of copies of us fought, people were summoning some kind of authority. Then the copies started signaling for the originals of us to exchange identical-looking items with them, that we were holding or wearing.  So we were swapping watches, jackets/etc.
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