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Nine Inch Nails Zootopia

Date: 12-Aug-2018/9:56+3:00

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Characters: trent, me

I was watching a music video that was supposedly by the band Nine Inch Nails, entitled "Zootopia". The video involved people with cat tails who were gesturing at each other.
Nine Inch Nails is a popular electronic band I grew up with, run by a musician named Trent Reznor. Zootopia is the title of a Disney movie about different animals living in a city, where a rabbit becomes the first police officer that's a bunny.
The comment section had some remarks from an account attributed to Trent Reznor. He replied to something I had written and got a notification about.
trent: (written) "Not sure what you mean by that. But if what you meant was 'would anyone like to get together and jam and make this kind of music' then I can suggest some good places you might try out in Italy to meet people."
me: (written) "I have a friend in Italy, though I hadn't thought of going there. It has a good electronic music culture?"
trent: (written) "It's all right, but personally I might go back to DC. Both my parents were spies in the military..."
Not according to Wikipedia, as you would expect. Trent grew up in Cleveland.
The conversation wandered into the legal definition of being a detective who wasn't actually a cop. We discussed the small lights put on the roof of normal cars to turn them into police cars as not being a real thing--and that you'd only ever see that in movies.
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