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The XY Graph of Math and Sex

Date: 19-Jun-2018/9:56+3:00

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Characters: professor, student, me, other girl

I was in some kind of college environment, where a professor was in front of a chalkboard peering over his glasses to read admissions essays from potential new students.
professor: "Oh, this is a classic. In response to 'what do you want to get out of your college experience' it says they want to 'smoke a lot of carcinogens' and 'do every drug [they] can get their hands on'"
He wrinkled it up and threw it away.
professor: "Let's see if we can find an application from someone who isn't homeless, here's one. It says he used to work for Microsoft, and then an earthquake research center."
student: (raising hand) "...uh, are we going to do any math today?"
The professor drew on the chalkboard a diagram that had an X axis which said "Math" and then a Y axis which said "Sex", then drew an arc across it.
professor: "So here you can see the correlation between Math and Sex, and what they have in common: the more safe they are, the less fun."
me: (raising hand) "Uh, is this something you made up just now--or are you copying another one of the things you're getting from the joke applications?"
professor: "Sorry, did I offend you?"
me: "Well, I don't care, I'm not easy to offend.  But I'm not everybody"
We got into a discussion about solving simultaneous equations, where for every time one person did something, another person would take an action N times. I was being challenged to solve it...but my head was fuzzy and I thought it was underspecified.
Somewhere in the process of this, computer monitors in the room started to flash and drew the attention of people.
student: "Ok, that's scary. Why is that happening?"
My high school girlfriend was in the room for some reason, and had been leaning herself and her chair into me previously--but at this point fell over. I picked her chair up and helped her back into it, with a "okay, stay there" gesture to try and keep her from tipping it any more.
Another girl pointed to some beer bottles that were in the classroom, for some reason.
other girl: (to me) "You're right, they make a lot of beers you wouldn't expect for a place like this."
me: (confused) "Uh, I don't remember saying that.  Which isn't to say I don't agree...why's there beer in this classroom?"
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