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Chairman Peter Gabriel

Date: 18-Jun-2018/9:56+3:00

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Characters: girl, me

I was in bed with someone I understood in context to be a young female relative (not anyone corresponding to my waking life family--it's just something I took to be true in the dream). She was sniffing my back for some reason.
Some issue about a store she had been to seemed to preoccupy her. She tried to tell me about it, but stumbled over her words.
girl: (slurring) "Store, it's like. Like a store you got at. Cheap, everysing is not costs lots, but messy. New things you buy new thing, no sort. Radnom."
me: (attempting to clarify) "Are you talking about something like a dollar store? They are sometimes not organized because they are just taking overstocked items, or things that are too close to expiring. The inventory can change every time you visit."
girl: "Nono, not a dolortree. Gorcery store, have foods."
me: "There's food items at Dollar Tree and stores like it. It's not hard to get canned food items for a dollar--sometimes rounding to a dollar actually makes them cost more. And actualy, the 99 cent store in LA had some regular produce, like heads of lettuce and such."
Somehow this transitioned into where I was looking around in a store--presumably the one she had been trying to describe. But not everything was "cheap" by standards of the present economics I know. There were containers of mushrooms for $4, for example.
It was indeed more randomly organized than even the most disorganized store I've seen. Individually-wrapped pieces of sushi were next to things like old style vinyl music albums. There were no CDs in sight, but audio cassettes were mixed in with the LPs.
One of the albums had the somewhat iconic photo of a half-melted-face of Peter Gabriel on it. The title was "Chairman", and it said it was released in 1999.
I had that album (as a CD), and in my world the music was released in 1980, with the associated title being "Peter Gabriel" (same as his name, e.g. "eponymous self-titled debug").
I'll add that it's tough to point to what you are certain is the "real" combination. Because it's just a juxtaposition of words, a picture, and music. The title isn't integrated into what was photographed...it's just floating over top of it, so it's easy to make it say anything else. This is why I'm kind of adamant about the principle I call "metaeducation"--where you are conscious at the time of making art about the potential for reconfiguration and configuring it to assist those who are looking for clues about intention.
Another album claimed to be a collaboration between Peter Gabriel and M.C. Hammer. The title seemed to be "Pet Sounds"--which in my world is a famous Beach Boys album.
The strange collaboration was in a kind of album case you could open up and read some kind of liner notes, like a book. I skimmed through it where it said "I wish I hadn't heard about his suicide when I read this..."
I was a bit alarmed for a moment, as I hadn't heard anything about Peter Gabriel killing himself. So I went to pull out my phone and check to see what was going on. But upon closer inspection of the remark that provoked my concern, it was ostensibly part of the notes about how one of the songs on the album was inspired.
One must wonder exactly what a musical collaboration between Peter Gabriel and M.C. Hammer would sound like. Unfortunately, it seems you'll have to go to a very disorganized store in another dimension to find out!
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