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Angela On LinkedIn

Date: 17-Oct-2012/12:02+3:00

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Characters: acquaintance, me, angela

I was talking to someone I perceived to be a friend's mother. She was eager to get me to come to a big event later with them. To try to entice me was saying that some cousins of my friend would be there...and they were attractive and I would like to meet them. She gave me the number of one of the cousins and said I should call her.
When the mother had scurried off, someone else in the room who I perceived was an acquaintance came over and was jealous.
acquaintance: "Oh wow. Angela On LinkedIn? You're getting an introduction and just got her home number? Lucky!"
Note I got the sense that I perceived that "Angela On LinkedIn" was the title that she went by. As if that were her first, middle, and last names being used on another site like Facebook...and people were thinking that was her actual name.
Time blurred into a future where I could recall I'd done some Internet research to see pictures of this Angela, and thought she was attractive. But I had questions in my mind about the reasoning behind this unusual name. I wondered if it was a search engine optimization trick on her part, or some kind of hack on her identity about which she was unaware.
My perspective rapidly shifted to being at the event, and noticing her sitting alone at a picnic table. I contemplated mentioning that I'd gotten her number and not called it, and offer my curiosity about her name.
me: "Hello there..."
angela: (angrily) "What?!"
Since she seemed annoyed that I'd spoken to her--and I already thought it was an awkward thing--I decided to hold off on saying anything.
me: "Sorry, there was just a story I was thinking of telling you. But it appears you are busy. Perhaps I'll tell you about it later."
She got up and started fuming and ranting at me. I don't remember the details, but the overall message was that I was a bad person, and she didn't like people trying pick-up-artist psychology on her. Perhaps the gist was that saying "hello" and then "hmm...maybe I'll talk to you later, then" was a trick. Either way, it she into deep presumptions about what kind of a person I was from such a short interaction.
me: "I have no idea what I said that would have made you mad. I said hello, you didn't seem to want to talk. So I said perhaps I would bring up the things I was thinking about later if you were ever interested. You're making a lot of invalid conclusions about me from very little information."
She wouldn't let it go and kept criticizing me. A guy walked up that I recognized as a good friend, who burst into conversation about something going on. I realized he knew her and had assumed we were standing together because we knew each other also--and she she assumed he was only talking to her because he mostly was.
I walked off without establishing the fact that the person could vouch for me as being very cool. I'd decided I'd bring it up later--if ever--because at this point I didn't much care about knowing Angela-On-LinkedIn.
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