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The Old Fraggle Likes to Hoggle

Date: 9-Jun-2008/8:56+3:00

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Characters: me, morton harket, mom

I was at my grandmother's house speaking with Morton Harket, lead singer of the band A-Ha.
me: "Well, how do you like it here in America?"
morton harket: "Everything is incredibly empty. Not just people not showing up for the concerts, but for instance, in here...the walls are all white and no pictures."
me: "Well I agree, but there's better interior design in lots of places."
We wandered into the kitchen, and my Mom was at a table.
me: "I'd say my apartment has been decorated pretty well considering the budget, wouldn't you?"
mom: "Yes, now that's been done it's time we socialized."
me: "Sorry, can't stay long. I'm asleep and dreaming right now, going to be gone in a second."
mom: "No you're not. Why would you say that?"
me: "Because I'm able to tell. Sorry, bye."
With that I sorta passed out and woke up to start writing on a laptop. As I turned it on, I noticed I had a new email, titled 'The Old Fraggle Likes to Hoggle'. Before I could open it, there was a disruption and the machine logged out.
Tinkering with the computer and trying to get logged back in, I found another mail titled "Getting on the same page." Replying to it, I began to type frantically (and with numerous errors) a completely unreadable message about my name and who I was. I was awoken by sirens, which turned out to actually be outside my apartment.
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