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Dimitri and the Amazons

Date: 11-Jun-2008/12:30+3:00

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Characters: me, dimitri

It was raining, and I boarded an empty bus with a friend from High School. There was no driver, the doors opened automatically for us.
me: "Hmmm, it's like...I don't know how to spend my time anymore in dreams, situations like this. Let's see..."
A colorful circular symbol was painted in the center of the floor of the bus.
me: "Well let me see if I can make that symbol move from the floor to the ceiling."
I focused fairly hard and visualized it happening, telekinetically. The symbol began to peel as if it were a sticker and fluttered up onto the roof of the bus, but it didn't look like it would stick. I had to walk over and use my hands to flatten it.
me: "That wasn't bad at all."
Somehow this transitioned to where I was in a living room with attached bedrooms, naked. I could hear someone about to open one of the bedroom doors, so I grabbed a giant orange towel and wrapped it around me. A thin man who identified himself as dimitri walked in.
me: "Ah, you almost walked in on me with no clothes."
dimitri: "Yes, well everyone has to get dressed sometime. The next time maybe the tables will be turned, and it will be me who is the deaf one."
Note His remark about deafness was something I just ignored at the time, but it could be that he was aware of my dreaming state and knew I didn't have all my senses operating.
me: "How do you like living here?"
dimitri: "It is okay, it has a great view. But that doesn't mean too much to have a nice place without a girl around to show it off to. Do not get me wrong, I had one two years ago. But you need too much money these days...and I don't feel the need to..."
He gestured in mid-sentence at a magazine on the table. It had a title like Start your own Amazon-style successful business.
dimitri: (annoyed) "...start my own Amazon-style successful business."
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