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Tilling the Cosmic Silence

Date: 17-May-2009/1:58+3:00

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Characters: me, person

I was in a very apocalyptic scenario, with some people who were trying to get together to leave a ravaged area. One person stopped to ask if they could go back and get some of their CDs.
me: "No, keep moving."
Someone pulled out a remote control and pressed play, causing some classical music to start playing from one of the buildings we had left. He turned it up all the way.
person: "I'm glad that at least I left that disc in the player. So Beethoven is still out there, tilling the cosmic silence...I guess he always will be."
me: "If you were going to create some kind of sound beacon, then we should leave a sign saying which direction we were going in case anyone is attracted by it. But I don't know how long the power grid will be working here."
When I awoke, I decided that "tilling the cosmic silence" was a pretty interesting thing for him to have said.
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