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The Firefox-Shaped Folded Dimension Inside Earth

Date: 28-Apr-2009/22:20+3:00

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Characters: girl, me, voice

I was wearing some sort of rocket-assisted roller-skates, and careening around a course that was part indoor and part outdoor. At a portion on the indoor course I forced myself to stop. Rather than go the normal path I was "supposed" to, I began climbing up some curtains where I found what looked like a security system or environmental control panel embedded into the wall.
For some reason, I started to push the buttons like crazy. Then I hung on the curtain, and looked down to see a perplexed security guard in uniform come look at me. He went away and a girl I felt I recognized came out and waved me down.
Note This person reminded me a bit of the girl with the white hair from "The Company"
girl: "What are you doing?"
me: "I figure if I push enough buttons it will eventually signal some kind of alarm, and people will find out I'm here. And people will know about this technology."
girl: "How will technology help anyone? People would just disappear into their own holodecks and never talk to anyone else. At least this way we'd have communication."
me: "There will always be communication, in the form of trade--people will always want new things."
Our conversation shifted to where it seemed we were still talking, but I was in some kind of dorm room looking at a morphing piece of paper. I was seated at a desk and someone else was sitting next to me, reading something else. A crude pencil sketch of the Firefox logo appeared on the paper, and the girl's voice seemed to continue.
voice: "The region where we are located is here. It's in the same shape and orientation relative to Earth as the Firefox Logo."
me: "How high up is it off the surface?"
voice: "No, it's not in 3D space. It is folded in another dimension, but that's the shape. Wait, don't let the person sitting next to you see that or know it's from me. Turn the paper over, I'm going to fill it with some garbage...let them see that. Then move away."
I turned the paper over, and it filled up with ads and other things. I got up from the desk and moved to the other side of the room.
voice: "Here is an equation, show this to Paul."
Note I know several Pauls and didn't know who was meant by this at the time, though it occurs to me that I know of a physicist named Paul who studies the area and might be able to follow a dimension-folding equation. The equation itself was not very "tall" but it was very wide, and had a lot of symbols in it...I specifically remember one that looked like a small cursive lowercase "L"
me: "That equation is just too much for me to remember at this point, I'm going to wake up soon. If you'd shown me earlier I'd have had longer to focus. Do you have any way to trace or contact me, like via a phone or email?"
A phone next to me on the desk rang, I picked it up.
me: "Hello?"
voice: "Hi!"
me: "Well, I mean, here it seems you can make words appear on paper. That's not what I mean...I'm talking about calling me after I've woken up."
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