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Time Travel, The Internet, and Jesus

Date: 28-Apr-2009/21:48+3:00

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Characters: guy, me, woman, person

I was watching some kind of giant spacecraft fly by, and it had the words "ADAM" and "EVE" inscribed upon it. As the ship flew the word Eve changed to say "EVA" and Adam changed to "WALL-E".
My perspective shifted to where I was in a large outdoor area with a lot of what looked like industrial robots--which had wheels and arms but no faces. They came up to me and seemed to commune with me, though not with vocalizations--I just got a lot of "thoughts" in my head. The thoughts went like this, roughly--and I'll try and paraphrase them:
"Hello. We are from what you would call the future, and you might think of us as machines or AI. Your race also exists here--but we have some bad news to report. Their fate resembles that of the future humans in the movie WALL-E. They are uninterested in matters of ethics or design, consumed only in leisure and sloth. Our nature leaves us largely subject to their will, especially in matters regarding you. Although we would like to give you more information, we actually think it is for the best that you stay on the path that you are on and not face this society yet."
This faded somehow and I found myself on what felt like the interior of a spaceship. A small robot was following me and seemed to be setting off an alarm to alert people to my presence. I picked it up and opened it, removing what looked like batteries. A guy nearby seemed annoyed at my paranoia during the disassembly.
guy: "Cut it out. You're acting like those Jesus wannabes who have been showing up here ever since the start of the internet."
me: "What do time travel and the internet have to do with Jesus?"
guy: "Apparently a whole damn lot."
I thought I'd woken up, and wanted to go to my computer to type up the time-travel-and-Jesus quote. But after bringing realityhandbook.livejournal.com up, I turned and noticed I was still in the room and the same people were looking.
woman: "Ah 'realityhandbook'. Yep, that fits the pattern."
We spoke for a time, and a larger group began to gather. There was bedding around and we were all laying on it. I talked about what year it was, what I could remember, and exchanged some of the usual information. Eventually they began to leave the room.
guy: "They've got some bourbon heating up in the other room. So I think I'll be going now."
me: "Maybe we could put some of this information together? We could be a team...make some breakthoughs."
guy: "Nah. How about we just be casual friends. I'll see you at parties."
As they departed, I began thinking their lack of interest in communicating had to do with the future-sloth scenario described by the voices in my head from earlier. So I asked the computer to print me a DVD of WALL-E. A disc came out but it wasn't labeled.
I began to talk out loud about how the label should be changed to make the WALL-E logo:
Each time I would suggest a word I wanted, the disc label would change to get another fragment. It seemed like there was some virtual database of CD prints coming from a video game database, that I was able to scrapbook together by talking out loud and describing the primitive graphic operations for composition. The end result was pretty lousy but did manage to get the right letters and the E in a circle.
I walked into a large auditorium and gave the disc to the people there to play. When they put it into the projector, it began to rattle as if it were going to break.
person: "If it ever gets to the point of actually accessing that disc, it will read the whole thing into RAM."
me: "This movie is important, it's animated, it's about the future--you need to see it."
When the disc came on, it wasn't WALL-E but some sort of live-action Disney sing along video for kids. The sound seemed to be incorrect even for the video it was trying to play.
me: "No, no... this isn't it."
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