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Four Pi Equation

Date: 13-Jul-2008/8:09+3:00

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Characters: me, kid

I felt drunk and disoriented, and was in some kind of dark auditorium with a very low stage. Weird Al Yankovic was performing, though I had the sense that this was during a time when this space was usually used for some kind of class. The only reason I was there was to see Al--because usually I wouldn't go to this class.
Al took an intermission, and I spoke to one of the kids who was there.
me: "Is there information I missed from skipping and not coming in at 9am, when I should have?"
kid: "You missed this one lecturer, who was amusing if for no reason than he pissed me off. You know how usually when you see pi^2 in an equation, you expect to see like... a 4 also, or some power of 4 because it relates to energy?"
He started drawing a chart. It had columns, and one was labeled "pass" for the passing energy of a system, then he drew some other symbols like a lightning bolt.
kid "He kept screwing up the signs in his equations. Saying it would pass when it shouldn't have. I had to correct him! Ha."
Note It is sort of the case that 2pi is a fundamental unit... the number of radians in a circle. If you square that, you would see 4pi^2. So it makes some sense, though I don't know of energy equations offhand with 4s in them.
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