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Marina, He's Not The One : 8-Mar-2018
The Candycoat Company : 9-Sep-2014
Fake World Prison in a Mountain By George Lucas : 22-Jun-2014
Advice to Sell Disneyland : 20-Mar-2012
You Have Family, You'll See : 22-Apr-2011
P is for Pencil : 12-Feb-2011
God's PA System : 12-Aug-2009
Tissue Immaterialism : 25-Oct-2008
Candy Contest Redux : 3-Sep-2008
Pilfering Soccer Balls : 13-Aug-2008
Four Pi Equation : 13-Jul-2008
Addressivism : 6-Jul-2007
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The accounts written here are as true as I can manage. While the words are my own, they are not independent creative works of fiction —in any intentional way. Thus I do not consider the material to be protected by anything, other than that you'd have to be crazy to want to try and use it for genuine purposes (much less disingenuous ones!) But who's to say?