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Candy Contest Redux

Date: 3-Sep-2008/10:11+3:00

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Characters: me, kid

I found a magazine on the ground that was built like a box. It seemed to be some kind of cross between advertisement and pornography (in the spirit of a Victoria's Secret Catalog, I suppose). Picking it up, I went into a house and sat on a sofa...hiding the magazine.
Two young children knocked on the door and came in. They were looking for the magazine. I dug it up and gave it to them, and they mentioned something about a "candy contest".
Note The mention of candy contest reminded me of a dream from a long time ago, reading someone's Livejournal interests named jadebob, which brought up the term. This made me lucid and I started asking what a candy contest was.
me: "Wait. Candy contest. I've heard of this before. What is it?"
kid: "You have to solve puzzles, and they plant clues all over the world."
me: "You mean it's like an alternate reality game?"
kid: "It's a story. And if you win, you get a prize."
me: "Who gives you the prize?"
kid: (rolling eyes) "The CANDY COMPANY, of course!"
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