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Jadebob, Candy Contests, and reading LiveJournal on the Web

Date: 24-Nov-2004/12:14+3:00

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Characters: jadebob

I was reading a girl's LiveJournal, whose account was "jadebob". The layout was fairly interesting and had "3M" repeated over it as a motif, I wondered if that was a reference to the company or not. In true LJ-drama style, her most recent entries were speaking about her personal reconciliation with someone named Ashley.
Though one might think jadebob wouldn't be a popular name on the web for a female, there are a few jadebobs on the web--who appear to be women, such as this girl on MySpace:
...though there are no jadebobs on LiveJournal.
Digging deeper into jadebob's profile, the interest list mentioned "writing in calligraphy", "candy contests", and "fishing". The fishing page had pictures and lists of opinions, such as how lame catch-and-release was.
jadebob: (written) "So you spend all that time and yet still end up eating frozen fish for the next week or two? No thanks!"
Note The phrase "candy contest" appears frequently on the web...about 2,880 or so for the exact string. It's usually in reference to things like find-the-blue-m&m and win $20,000. It's not popular enough to be a specific LiveJournal interest
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