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Tissue Immaterialism

Date: 25-Oct-2008/19:07+3:00

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Characters: me, kid, man

A young boy led me around a corridor to show me something. It was an animation which did slices of a head graphic. The head was someone like George Clinton (from the band Parliament), and in addition to showing 2D slices of the 3D head it would then cut out several 1D lines from the picture.
me: "This must have been a lot of work. How long did this take you?"
kid: "Yeah, it's hard because I was using the student edition of Flash 4, it came as a package."
He handed me a box of Q-tips that had apparently included the CD for Flash 4.
me: "Uh, we're up to Flash 8 or something where I'm from. Which is 2008."
kid: "Oh, I knew you weren't the [my name] I know. Your hair looks different. It's like stone."
An older man came up behind me, and I feared an attack, so I begged him not to.
man: "This is about religion. I'm a tissue immaterialist."
me: "Wait, I can believe in God and all that. When you say 'tissue immaterialist' you mean you don't think it matters if you are biological or not? Like, an AI can love God...right?"
man: "Well it's all fine and well until you start exploiting people."
me: "I don't exploit people! Please research. Find my journal. Look for realityhandbook.livejournal.com. I'm from the universe where they changed the formula for Coke... it was like, old coke and then new coke and then people were mad and they had to change it back. Also, terrorists destroyed the twin towers on sept 11, 2001. Check into it."
man: "Okay. Realityhandbook?"
me: "Yes.... yes, reality. Then..."
I held out my hand and did various pantomimes of book, contrasting dead vs. alive, writing in a journal.
me: "Let's close the communication loop, you can post on my journal anonymously if you like."
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