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The Body Guard

Date: 20-Oct-2008/9:17+3:00

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Characters: me, voice

I was using some kind of computer in which the mouse cursor had been reset to a little Tinker-Bell like creature. However, it had gone somewhat insane and would only do what I was asking part of the time, then it would make faces and bounce off in some unintended direction. Frustrated, I decided to go into the theme chooser in order to pick a more compliant cursor.
Note I had the feeling that what was going on was the result of a special-occasion Easter egg, where because it was Halloween or something the cursor was acting oddly as part of a fun thing.
When I went into the theme chooser, there were many choices for cursors, but most of the choices were somewhat similar variations of the same character. It was more like picking from different perspectives or different actions for the characters. They looked like vague Disney knockoffs.
As I tried to pick the cursor I wanted, my point of view shifted to a small red locker whose door I was trying to shut. I was having a lot of trouble, and somehow I felt the cursor was related to a padlock I wanted to put on it. Then I noticed that there was a Master Lock inside which was still in its packaging, so I ripped it open:
Note I believe the face of the lock was blue.
Inside the package was a small piece of paper that had been folded several times, and had the 3 2-digit codes for unlocking the lock. At this point I was speaking out loud to a disembodied voice, and I told it what I was trying to see on the paper:
me: "Hmmm, it's 13 right, 17 left, and 11 right."
Note Numbers made up, but they were surprisingly all in the 10s.
voice: "We aren't seeing anything remotely like those numbers. We have, like, 22-50."
me: "Huh? I'm looking at the combination for a Master Lock. Oh... oh, 22-50 you say?"
Note The 22 is right, but the 50 might not be.
My point of view shifted to the interior of some kind of flourescently lit drug store. There were numbers on the aisles.
me: "Okay, how about this. Drug store. Aisle numbers...here's some: 22-50, 0-10, 77-85..."
Note Don't remember the exact numbers, but they were printed on the ends of the aisles.
voice: "Amazing! That's it!"
me: "Here's some other stuff...magazines on the racks, let me read you some sentences off the covers."
Note I began to narrate information off of the covers of magazines on the racks, that I don't now remember very well because I was doing it more word-for-word without assembling meaning. One of the words was spelled very strangely, like in LOLCAT...something like "Smileh" for smiling.
voice: (excited) "Seems you were right all along."
me: "Told you!"
voice: "But we're going to have to talk to fundraising about how to get the organization to act on this information."
me: "Fundraising? What organization are you talking about?"
voice: "The body guard."
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