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P is for Pencil

Date: 12-Feb-2011/9:56+3:00

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Characters: me, kid, person, girl

I was becoming frustrated at communications with a group during a dream.
me: "I don't understand why we can't communicate, because you must speak English. Some of you must, anyway."
I located a pencil and held it up.
me: "What is this object called?"
They stared at me blankly. I hummed the Sesame Street song "C is for cookie".
me: "You know the song? What is it called?"
kid: "C is for cookie."
me: "Okay, now let's play another game. BLANK is for pencil..."
Someone in the room picked up the pencil and shouted.
person: "P!"
me: "Right! Okay, put that down. Now I need more objects..."
I got lost and had to restart. I found a different group, and addressed a girl with a pencil again.
me: "What is the first letter for this object?"
girl: "Five?"
me: "No, no, try again."
Someone else piped in with "four?" which made me begin to speculate.
me: "These are... numbers... are you thinking in ASCII? Wait, that would be too low, even for the first digit. Unless... unless maybe in hex? Do you know the ASCII code?"
Note Pencil in ASCII hex is actually 50454e43494c. So someone looking at hex digits might say the first "letter" is 5, though that's quite a stretch.
girl: "Have you ever considered taking like... a nervous break?"
me: "You mean a break from thinking all the time? I think I need one."
An awakening led me to become paralyzed in a room I could see I had the body of a deformed fish, that looked like it had been in an accident. People were talking to me, saying "Jeremy, wake up."
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