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You Have Family, You'll See

Date: 22-Apr-2011/9:56+3:00

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Characters: kid, me, man one, man two

I was in a classroom and realized I must still be asleep. There were young children around, and I grabbed at a nearby backpack to shuffle through it and see if I could figure out what my identity was in this context. A kid looked at me irritated.
kid: "Is that how americans are, they go through other peoples things?"
me: "Give me a break, I'm asleep."
kid: "No you're not!"
I left the room and pulled a cellphone out of my pocket. It had a cascade of maps and some messages about GPS location services being blocked. There were messages telling me where to go.
As I went through the hallways with looking at the phone I bumped into some Hispanic people.
me: "Oops! Um...lo siento."
They laughed at my using Spanish. I continued downstairs until I reached the glass exit doors on the first level. I realized that if I left by myself I'd get in trouble, but the phone started to do some kind of legal code to arrange me being able to leave. Two men showed up at the door and the guards allowed them to take me.
We began walking down the streets toward a house, I had a feeling they were helpful.
man one: "Do you have any questions?"
me: "Sort of. But if I don't think of all of them now will I never know the answers?"
man two: "You arent alone. You have family. You'll see."
He took me into a house where there were some oddball characters...mostly young people with strange faces, gathered. They introduced themselves. One said he was "Spacebook" and he looked like someone I used to know wearing a bright tie-dye shirt. There was a young girl with dark hair who was introduced as "Peach", and a small boy who introduced himself as "Yoda". I don't remember everyone else, but there was someone who went by "Duke" who was wearing a nurse's outfit.
One of them said he'd heard where I'd gone to college, and named it, and asked if I really was from there.
me: "I don't know I'd say I'm 'from' there. But I did go to school there for a while. It was a long time ago, though!"
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