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Date: 6-Jul-2007/6:59+3:00

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Characters: kid, me

I was reading a chat log that, at first, I thought was between people I knew. But increasingly I began to question it. Someone instant messaged me and said his name was SMOT.
Note I did not recognize it at the time, but that's one of the free energy hoaxes I've read about over the last couple of days, studying things similar to Steorn.
Then I was suddenly trying to steer my car from the back seat and having difficulty controlling it. It was so ridiculous that I said to myself: "Relax, this is obviously a dream, just get out of the car."
So I just sort of stepped out of it onto the street, and the car vanished. Nearby there was an older man and a young kid at a small square table. An odd machine looking something like an ATM playing a video about some kind of penis enlargement product.
kid: "Try an orange."
At first I thought he meant the fruit, and then I realized he was suggesting a pill. He threw the pill at me and I took it. I asked him what next.
kid: "Try a yellow-orange."
He then threw me a pill that didn't look at all yellow, it was orange like the first. So I didn't take it, and he shrugged.
me: "This doesn't look at all yellow."
kid: "You should look at addressivism.com"
I wrote it down to see if I had it spelled correctly. He said I had.
Note the word addressivism is completely absent on Google.
kid: "You were supposed to live in my old place."
me: "What do you mean 'supposed to'?"
kid: "It was code I was given for my birthday."
me: "I don't understand what you mean. What is your role here? How do you and I relate?"
He looked a bit annoyed.
kid: "I'm trapped in a black box. So don't go throwing silhouettes at me."
As we were talking, I noticed two guys walking in a strange pattern toward us. They were youngish black men and were dressed like gang members. I turned to confront them, and they attacked. I fended off their first attack which threw me backwards, but they threw something at me that started tickling my chest and I woke up.
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