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Acephalous at the Silly Station

Date: 6-Jul-2007/17:01+3:00

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Characters: observer1, observer2

I had just finished writing something down about the "silly Station", which had turned out to be some kind of post office. I was standing at an intersection, and realizing that Silly was the name of an actual street and should have been capitalized--and we'd been misunderstanding the entire thing.
Simultaneously realizing this was a dream, I tried to hail some people walking by...and began asking them questions about how I was managing to be present there. I stretched out and attempted to lay in plain view and asked what I looked like.
observer1: "You look like an ocephalous."
Note I didn't know what that was, but achephalous means "without a head".
I asked another observer to confirm with me my model of my body. So I started by using my hand to point to various features of my body...but then decided I had to shake my hands and show where they were first. I went through all the basic parts, emphasizing my eyes and hands.
observer2: "Everything you just did was obvious."
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