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Fake World Prison in a Mountain By George Lucas

Date: 22-Jun-2014/3:45:13-4:00

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Characters: me, kid, girl, boy, uniformed woman

I perceived myself to be in the body of a teenager or someone relatively young. I was inside what seemed a bit like a shopping mall, with elevators and stairways leading up through the levels. There seemed to be desks and beds and other young kids around working on some kind of homework or equations on paper.
The elevator did not work, and I tried going up the stairs. Another kid stopped me and warned me that no one was allowed to go up, and I'd get in trouble and be stopped.
me: "Why do they stop you from going upstairs?"
kid: "Because it's dangerous out there. Hitler's armies are always attacking. That's why we have to stay in here, we work on equations for the weapons. See, the news?"
He pointed to a projected black and white TV image which was some kind of World-War-II era news report.
me: (skeptically) "What year do you think it is?"
kid: "1492."
me: "Okay that would be when Columbus came to America, not when World War II happened, by my clock. 1942 would be more on track. But even still, this place is not 1492-era technology."
I took some detours looking around, and noticed there were armed guards around here and there...and some places I could be out of view. I interacted a bit more with other kids asking questions that I don't really remember, and had a brief detour to make out with a cute girl. At one point I asked her who I was; who owned the body I occupied.
girl: "His name is Joey. His father was military; but is dead now. It is your military awareness that helps here."
Somewhere I'd noticed a decontextualized piece of merchandise or otherwise from the Terminator series. I noticed a fairly advanced kind of tazer-ish gun being carried by one of the guards. I confronted him...pointing out the Terminator merchandise and began humming the T2 theme increasingly loudly.
My point of view shifted to what appeared to be outside the structure I was in. I could see a large rock formation an entrance of some kind embedded into the front of it. The front was at street level, but the dropoff went down to some kind of ravine. I realized it could have several levels deep underneath it.
The humming drew the guard's attention, and he pointed his gun at me.
me: "1492 or 1942 or whatever, that gun ain't from then. And shooting me won't do you any good at all. Found you."
Again my point of view shifted to a rapid fast-forward of some kind of large fighting engagement. Then I was walking into a restaurant with many of the kids I had met earlier. There was open air access to the outside. They were smiling and sitting at tables and eating what seemed to be breakfast food.
me: "Well, good to see you all out and well."
I shook their hands as I went down the line, until I reached one boy who grabbed my hand particularly hard.
boy: "I'm going to give you a special one. This isn't a handshake, it's a clamshake. And clams can bite you know."
Using one of his nails, he dug into the back of my knuckle a bit.
me: "Hey stop attacking me!"
boy: "Maybe I'm not attacking you to hurt you. Maybe I'm trying to help train you."
The attack was mild, a little bit of poking pressure from the nail on my knuckle.
me: (skeptical) "Well let's at least make it even. Give me your other hand."
I took his other hand and we began increasingly applying pressure with our nails on each other's knuckles. He pushed harder and I pushed harder. I was able to hold focus pretty well, we were pushing harder and harder but all I felt was the pain... I didn't wake up. In the meantime, his face grew contorted as he seemingly couldn't handle the pain. Eventually he disengaged, and looked at my hand which had been cut and was now bleeding.
boy: (surprised) "I drew blood. And you... you're still here? You are getting impossibly good."
me: "When crap happens to you often enough I guess you get used to it."
Walking on I encountered a girl, possibly the same one or a different one, who looked at me frustratedly.
girl: "Back now? Figures. Congratulations are in order, I suppose...for discovering the prison embedded in the fake-mountain world built by George Lucas."
me: "Thanks. Well, building inspectors should always measure such things from the outside as well as the inside."
girl: (irritated) "Y'know, we were lovers before you were killed the last time. Now what? Don't expect me to do it again."
me: "Sorry, I don't remember."
My point of view shifted again, to some other time that I seemed to be entering the original structure at the top of the mountain. I looked around at the reception desk and the elevators. There were two elevators: the A and B shaft. B was open to anyone, but A had some kind of access card reader and notices about how it was for members who had a monthly subscription (or something to that extent).
There was a security office with a uniformed woman in it. I stepped into it.
me: "Hello there, I need to talk to you for a bit. Mind if I take a seat?"
Without waiting I grabbed what looked like a chair; it was red and sort of beanbag like.
uniformed woman: "That's not a chair!"
me: (looking at it closely) "Hmm. Looked like a chair to me. Well, these over here...are they a good place to sit?"
I indicated some black cushions.
uniformed woman: "Yes those are okay."
I sat down and glared at her intensely.
me: "I see by your uniform you present yourself as an enforcer of laws and rules. So we would be in the same business, if that is the case; although I am in the field due to some particularly unusual talents. Interdimensional perception, mind control...that sort of thing. And I'm here to speak with you about your elevators; specifically the one that requires the access card."
My point of view faded and I awoke before I could make my demands for building schematics and that she tell me anything she knew.
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