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God's PA System

Date: 12-Aug-2009/8:48+3:00

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Characters: me, voice one, voice two, kid

I was sitting in a room where people were listening to a disembodied voice dispensing various spiritual advice. My body felt largely paralyzed, but I somehow managed to move the mouth enough to yell a question out to the room.
me: "Nothing has been said here which indicates higher or godly knowledge. What about explaining very fundamental questions like what happens after death?"
There was a silence for a moment, and people in the room looked around. There were some hiss and static bits that sounded very much like rustling from a PA system. I laughed and made the three-beep tone that phones do when they can't complete your call.
me: (sarcastically) "We're sorry, your call to God can't be completed as dialed. Please check the number and try again. Yeah, this is legit."
The voices on the PA began to argue.
voice one: "How did that get in here?"
voice two: "I told you we shouldn't have lit that candle."
voice one: "Dispatch the implements."
me: (mockingly) "Oooh. The implements!"
When I looked around the room, people seemed frightened. A manhole with a ladder appeared in the room, and I directed them to escape down it.
I noticed there was a refrigerator, and urged the people to load up what was in it into bags to carry with them. When they had trouble finding bags I pulled the crispers out and told them to just carry those. Meanwhile, there was a group of people trying to force entry via a side door.
When the intruders made it in, I faced off against them. They attacked me but somehow using just small gestures with my hands they died in a somewhat bloody fashion. An angry looking kid who was part of the attacking party came up to me and glared. I paused.
kid: "So aren't you going to kill me?"
me: "You're pretty young, so you might not know what you're doing. But generally speaking, I don't particularly want to fight anyone. This could stop right now."
The attacking group retreated warily.
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