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A Total Mind-Core

Date: 12-Aug-2009/12:02+3:00

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Characters: girl, me, someone, group

I was on my way out of a lounge/kitchen area of what seemed like a cubicle-oriented tech office. The carpet was grey, and there was a big-screen TV with some gaming consoles attached to it. I fiddled a little with the consoles, which seemed rather old.
Though I felt like I was a guest in the office and not someone who worked there, I decided to grab a drink from the kitchen refrigerator to go. They had "Pom" pomegranate juice in the funny shaped bottles, and although it's pretty expensive as juice goes I decided to take it anyway.
But there was something weird about it, because when I opened it the drink was white and milky instead of red. I decided to leave it, and just go without a drink.
A girl with very large breasts intercepted me on my way out of the kitchen. She gave me a hug, kind of holding me against a wall. She looked very familiar but I couldn't place her.
girl: "Hi sweetie."
me: (confused) "Uh, hi?"
girl: "You don't remember me, I know, I know. But I'm Amanda. I used to work the cages, with the equipment."
Note I got the sense that she meant a steel security cage, and that she was a clerk who would make sure that only authorized people took equipment out of it. After waking up and thinking about it, I remembered who it was she looked like--someone I didn't know particularly well who lived in my college dorm. Her name was Claire and she was involved in an agriculture-type thing and had horses.
I noticed that her shirt was almost completely open, and I could see her entire chest.
girl: "Are you... uncomfortable?"
me: "No, no. It's all good. But wait...! I have questions. I mean, I'll be waking up soon, what's going to happen? Am I just going to disappear in a puff of smoke, but you'll still be standing here?"
girl: "Yep."
me: "At that point I'll wake up and be in my physical body. But do you have a physical body to wake up to?"
girl: "No."
me: "I'm a little groggy, but please bear with me: At night I dream, and materialize in a random place like this. Then I wake up and I'm in my physical body, but I go poof here. What happens when my physical body dies? Do I go poof there AND go poof here so I'm nowhere? Or does this place start becoming permanent?"
By now a small group of people had joined us and were standing there listening in. Someone else answered my question.
someone: "When the body dies, the mind does something really weird. It's a total mind-core."
me: "A mind-what??"
someone: "Mind core. And it's really, really strange."
Note In certain computer operating systems, there is something called a core dump--when a program crashes, it takes the whole state of the system and writes it to a file. Wikipedia notes that core dump "...has become jargon to indicate any deposition of a large amount of unedited data for further examination."
me: "You speak like you've had experience. Have you guys died?"
group: "Oh yes! Thousands of times."
me: "Well I don't remember having ever died. Is this something I'll be remembering after the... mind-core??"
I woke up before I got an answer.
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