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Lawyers, Dracula and the Thermostat

Date: 12-Aug-2009/12:27+3:00

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Characters: me, woman, lawyer, friend, man, dracula, voice

I was in what reminded me of my grandmother's kitchen, looking at the refrigerator. It was the ending of some various non-lucid dreaming, and the beginning of my lucidity. I became somewhat excitable.
me: "It's not easy telling people about how things really should be. Every day should be a holiday! And you get a budget of a million and two to celebrate!"
Note I don't know what I meant by that.
A woman looked at me skeptically.
woman: "You actually remember that?"
me: "Not memories, no. I guess it's more like an inner voice, and it keeps drawing my attention to reminders of what's possible."
I grabbed a squarish bar stool from the counter, and magically folded it flat as a sheet of paper. Then, I unfolded it again and placed it on the ground.
me: "Case in point: That alone would baffle and mystify people where I'm from. The technology does not exist to make a three-dimensional object two-dimensional. Seeing that would upset the whole world of physics. Wait... do you know what I mean by the word 'dimension' and 'two-dimensional' vs 'three-dimensional'?"
The small group of people in the room nodded. Somehow this transitioned into a situation where I was in bed talking to my mom on an old-school rotary phone. We were discussing Google Voice and some kind of tax problem.
me: "Hm. How is it that we are talking? Did you call me... or did I call you? Wait, I think I'm still dreaming. Uh... did you hear about this Apple Google Voice ban thing?"
The voice went dead, and I found myself walking into a law office with tons of books, where a lawyer-like guy who looked kind of like Michael Douglas was smiling at me and carrying paperwork.
lawyer: "Perfect. Okay. Well, I'm working this case for free, but hopefully I'll get some kind of tax credit out of the deal."
me: "What case?"
lawyer: "Be proud, there are changes in the works. There were already laws against invasion, but now there's going to be even more protection. We've got Australia covered now."
I followed him down through the unusual and strangely ugly mall. As I wandered along, a small trollish creature started hurling things at my head. It was hurting terribly, but I managed to do some kind of telekinetic attack to disarm him and I held him to the ground. The lawyer interrupted.
lawyer: "Don't kill him! He was just following orders. There was what he believes to be a clearly marked sign that says only employees beyond that point."
me: "Oh. Well, yes, I mean... misunderstandings happen all the time. Can you apologize on my behalf?"
They spoke a bit, and I stood back. There was some kind of show starting, and I was apparently on the stage with a large number of ballerinas. Another guy came up and started to pinch me, but the troll who had attacked me ran up to him and began frantically waving him off.
I made a gesture of thanks, and a guy who looked like a college friend pulled me up to a seating area. We could watch the production, which was dancers on rotating and interlocking podiums, with many lights.
friend: "Oh yes, I remember back when we were in New Zealand..."
me: "You look like a guy I knew in college. And neither I nor he ever went to New Zealand. The thing I've started to wonder about with impressions of people in dreams is that maybe if we see another person as 'looking like' someone we know, that's a very vague and abstract sense. Like seeing a similarity in 'aura'. But I'd guess that I'm not who you think I am either."
friend: "Now that I look at it, your nose is different. So I see your point. But still, it's there... I may not know who you are, but I know what you are. Isn't that more important?"
Note The above is paraphrased/rephrased at a more extreme level than I usually "invent" dialogue to explain the abstract communication. It was, however, the cue of my nose that made him admit I probably wasn't who he had in mind.
After the show, I was walking along with some people on a path and trying to make a case for establishing communications with Earth.
woman: (disgusted) "Absolutely not. Your planet has a culture of crime... and crimes in the bathrooms!"
me: "I mean, yes, there's crime. But if there are crimes that's because there are laws--we do have rules, and it would be good to enforce them. Also, there are differing ideas of decency...every culture has that problem, you can't say yours doesn't!"
man: "Yes, and if cultures didn't exchange their ideas we wouldn't have Indian food!"
me: (excited) "Good point! Although speaking of 'Indians', the Native-Americans are probably a good example of an argument against cultures crossing a divide to meet. That was handled very, very badly."
My body began to buzz.
me: "I can see that I don't have much longer, and I'm going to wake up. But let me make a closing point. There are people who can see, partially, beyond the world I live in and into yours...and if you do not make an effort to validate their reports, they will continue to be persecuted terribly for telling the truth. Don't you care?"
I began floating down onto a bed, and another form was floating with me. He looked a bit like dracula, and he had some kind of cell-phone like device.
dracula: "Try and make a soft landing, okay? We want to get a reading."
me: "Umm... ok. But I'm still asleep, and this isn't my bed."
dracula: (puzzled, punching buttons) "It's not?!"
me: "No... I mean, it's not where I fell asleep last night. Maybe this is somewhere I lived in the past or will live in the future, but not my idea of now."
dracula: "Hey, someone's coming."
A man in a brown coat walked in with a large black trashbag, and set it on top of a pile of many other black trashbags.
me: "Yip. Those trashbags, this room...I don't live here. I haven't woken up fully yet."
Dracula had disappeared but now there was a voice in my head.
voice: "Can you see any scales... I mean, measures...?"
I got up and fumbled around in the white-walled apartment. There was a clock I could see, but only as a reflection in a mirror.
As I held my body up against walls and scraped around, I found a thermostat unit. I narrated off the temperature and whatever I could read, but the most interesting aspect was that it had a switch for going between American and British units.
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