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1020, Jewel, and 0304

Date: 13-Aug-2009/11:15+3:00

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Characters: me, her, bernie taupin, jewel, man

In early 2003, I had a dream in which the number 1020 was featured very prominently. It was tied to a vision of the White House being destroyed by a missile.
My certainty that this was an important number led me to start writing it down many places. Rather extremely...to the level of setting all the unsold clocks in Target to 10:20...that sort of thing. In the context of a post 9-11 world, I leapt to the conclusion that it must be a target date for a disaster. I went around warning people to be prepared for perhaps an Independence-Day style alien attack on October 20th... or, something like that. (Hasn't happened yet, to the best of my knowledge.)
Note To read more about signals and codes of this nature, you can read What's Your Twenty?
Dreams including 1020 continued. Not always involving disasters, but with a certain "wait...it's THAT number!" kind of feeling.
This was followed by a very unusual album released by the singer Jewel, entitled "0304":
The media certainly didn't know what to make of it. But what made it doubly weird was that I'd had an extremely vivid dream about a year prior in which Jewel and I were having sex. When I woke up, the exchange with my girlfriend at the time went like this:
me: "I just had this strange dream. I was having sex with Jewel."
her: (puzzled) "The singer?"
me: "Yeah. I don't own any of her albums, don't listen to her music, and don't really even know what she looks like."
her: "That's weird."
As it so happens, I had been to a concert she played at. She was the opening act for Blues Traveller when I was in college. I say 'heard' because it was a big concert hall and my free ticket was way in the back, and I didn't have my glasses with me so I couldn't see the stage. I remember she yodeled, and she talked about smoking marijuana, and that was most of my carry-away..."Jewel is a stoner and she yodels". Not my thing.
Note These days I'm far less judgmental about such issues--both the drugs and the yodeling!
Now the unusual symmetry of 1020/0304 may strike you as interesting or not. But given the non-sequitur dream, and my growing interest in codes and math... I became somewhat fixated on these numbers as a pair. It was almost like I'd gotten some kind of response back from virally spreading this 1020 number everywhere. It wasn't a mundane repetition, it had taken the number and mixed it up a bit with a piece of art depicting something I generally like--an attractive woman (though that's a heavily photoshopped picture, which is weird because she's good looking without it).
Of course, there's a "rational" explanation. A Yahoo! Answers quote suggests why the album is titled that:
bernie taupin: "So, you have to humor me, but the title of your new record, 0304 - explain please."
jewel: "I didn't want the title to give away what the record sounded like. I like how clinical numbers are, so I went with 0304 because this is really a pop-culture record. I actually wrote this album to come out in June. I knew it was going to be a record that was about the years 2003 and 2004-- I wrote it in December (2002) and January [2003]. It was such a fast turnaround, so I could talk about current events, politics, pop-culture icons, and it would still be relevant."
I guess that makes "sense", sort of? I still have to wonder, because the details in this case make it look like some kind of body-snatcher went in and made her do something very out-of-character in a number of other ways..
I had a dream that I didn't write down a few months ago. Knowing I was dreaming, I was trying to send an email to myself with the subject "1020". A man looked over my shoulder and stopped me:
man: "Absolutely not! No one-oh-two-oh, no one-A-two-A, we'll have none of that here."
me: "Well what's the harm?"
man: "Exactly, you don't know. You look at these things, you see they have power, but you don't know what they mean. And you use them anyway. You should know better than that."
me: "Well what if I put like, a giant number one in a word document. And then a zero in another, and a 2 in another, and a zero in another. And put them as four separate attachments."
man: (sighing) "Fine. Do that if you want."
I woke up before I could send it.
I've kept tabs on Jewel's music and videos lately, but not found too much of interest. There's a tag for her dream appearances, which have been infrequent since I started keeping a journal.
Note In one pre-journal instance, she was inviting me to go into a machine which I believed would do some kind of medical healing...but I realized when she closed the door it was like, an incinerator. Be careful who you trust, I guess, based on mere appearances!
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