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How to avoid Love, the advice of "Wise Elders", and probably Roxy Music

Date: 13-Aug-2009/13:49+3:00

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Characters: girl, me

I found an old note I took from a dream, where I was looking at books on a bookshelf. I knew I was dreaming, and so I made a special effort to take in the titles.
One was: How to avoid Love, the advice of "Wise Elders", and probably Roxy Music.
Note I'm aware of the existence of Roxy Music, but it's not a band I listen to or think of.
Another was: If my life had been five minutes long so far, it would be good again
This same dream involved some set of issues of downloading updates to a Windows-based computer. I was helping somehow improve the security of the machine, and I engaged in a conversation with a girl who was very sad:
girl: "You mean... there's not just one Microsoft?"
me: "Well, Microsoft is just a series of letters... a lot of people would claim to be Microsoft to put a virus on your machine. Any established name or symbol could be picked up and used by someone else who wanted to trade on the reputation of that name."
She began to cry.
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