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Eat Your Yamli, it's Rich in Minerals...

Date: 15-Aug-2009/11:27+3:00

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Characters: me, surfer, man, woman

After a long period of thinking I was visiting my apartment but realizing various things were wrong (pink bathroom tiles, no shower curtain, etc.) I suggested to the girl I was with that as it was a dream... we should go explore. We stepped outside onto what looked like a fairly ordinary suburban street.
me: "Why not make it more interesting and go... NAKED!"
So I took my clothes off and began walking to see if anyone would take notice. For a while no one really commented, and as we walked we came closer to a beach.
me: "Wow...a beach. Dress for the occasion and look what happens!"
Two teenage guys wearing bathing suits and surfboards walked by.
surfer: "Hey, your raw beef is hanging out in public."
me: "Raw beef? Please explain. Beef is a meat that comes from a cow."
He pointed at my crotch.
surfer: "That."
me: "That's not what it's called. Do you know the correct term?"
Some other people gathered, and a large and kind of fat adult man interjected.
man: "I don't know what its actually called either. I tried to suggest some other words once, people didn't like it. Like 'car horn'."
me: "Okay, this is not right. You need to know the words for body parts...don't you have people who take care of you, medically? Like a doctor?"
man: "No."
Around this time, a black woman who looked a bit like a really angry Michelle Obama approached me and injected me with a needle. It was painful, but it didn't wake me up entirely.
woman: "Now you're making it too easy."
me: "Come on. Can't you give this up? The truth will prevail."
woman: "As I've said before, I'm not convinced you're going to win."
me: "Even if evil outnumbers good by millions, the evil will lose--because of its inability to coordinate and cooperate with itself. Truth and good have natural alignment."
woman: "It's not like you go around with the most gracious personality all the time."
This transitioned into something where I was experiencing a highway and listening to a song which was a subtle way of explaining different words for 'penis'. Every line of the song used another word without actually saying it. It was something like:
So I first found out from a guy named Dick,
who learned from Mr. Wong...
It started going nonsensical after that. I sort of had the 'feeling' that I was in the mind of a child who had grown up hearing this song before but was just catching on to what it was about.
Thinking I had woken up, I had the experience of getting up to use the computer to write this down. But I noticed that all the icons on my OS/X dock had been replaced with full color advertisements for some cereal called YAMLI. The boxes were very slick, and the cereal seemed to have glossy gems in it--with prominent blue diamonds. The name caused me to think of Mueslix, but all the shapes made me think of Lucky Charms (though it wasn't clear how you'd be able to eat the gems).
Note Lately I have been considering more the potentially malicious usage of symbols like blue diamonds in order to deliberately trigger certain kinds of censorship, as it is a prominent shape in the advertising of Viagra. There is an interesting twist on that here, because YAMLI is apparently the name of an Arabic search engine which interfaces with Google...and though I don't remember seeing the dots under the Y in the dream, that could explain why I thought of Mueslix which has dots over the u. I'd never heard of this. A note says the word means, literally, "he dictates".
Note Although I remembered Lucky Charms having blue diamonds, I didn't see any on the box. Blue diamonds were introduced in 1975, apparently. But I guess they have been replaced by some other non-diamond blue shape at this point.
In the list of graphics there was also a book. It was on a white background with a picture of a blue shoe, and it was about how to succeed in advertising. It was written by someone named Donyela--who was the mind behind the Yamli advertising campaign.
Note On another religious name-origin note, Donyela is not a name I've seen before but it is the feminine form of Daniel and according to some baby name site means "God is my judge."
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