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Life in the Cuddly Zone

Date: 16-Jul-2008/13:59+3:00

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Characters: me, someone, blonde, elderly woman

I was laying on a couch and was somehow communicating with someone who was looking for me in a dark room.
me: "Yeah, well if you want to know which one I am...I'm the one with the laser eyes!"
At that point I could see a youngish and somewhat fashionable black woman with short curly hair, standing next to a tall bar table. When our eyes connected there was some kind of flash or special effect, and I deemed this was the person I was looking for.
We did not speak, but she held up a spoon upside down holding it by the bowl. The understood goal I felt was for me to make it bend. Without moving from the couch, I focused my will and bent the handle from afar; I wanted it to twist more but it just sorta folded over one way and then I managed to fold it over all the way the other direction.
She took the spoon and threw it up into the air, and seemed to try to catch it...but instead of catching it, she fumbled it, but in such a way that it came over closer to me. Then she approached and spun it on the ground where it momentarily seemed to spin on its own, but the effect was very brief. My own attempt to cause a perpetual motion with my mind was so taxing the room went all dark for a moment.
When I got up to navigate there was just a long hallway, as if it were the interior of an apartment. I came upon some people I knew who appeared to be playing board games at a large round table they'd put at the end of the hall, which seemed to be some kind of recreation area with couches. Everything was fairly stable, yet when I went back down the hall and came back the table had vanished, though a couple people were still on the couch.
me: "Do you guys see a table here that I can no longer see? Big and round?"
someone: "No, no table."
me: "And one didn't move? You weren't just sitting here moments ago, at a big table, playing games?"
someone: "Sorry, no."
me: "All right, I'm sort of afraid that you guys all have your wits about you and I'm wandering around like some kind of loony who can't see straight."
someone: "What you go through must be pretty scary."
me: "Yeah, well. I'm not very good at being scared by things anymore. Though I would like to see the performance of most people from my world in such situations, they'd flip out. Not at this maybe, just the other stuff I go through."
There was a pretty girl with long blond hair sitting on the floor next to the couch. I approached and sat down next to her.
me: "Hi there. Can you tell me anything about where we are?"
blonde: "This is the cuddly zone."
me: "Well that doesn't sound bad at all! Does that mean you're cuddly? That would be good, because you're unusually cute."
I tentatively started to stroke her hair.
blonde: (a little embarrassed) "Yes, I was going to say...that I liked your nose. I liked smelling it."
me: "Huh? Well, I'll just say it's a stressful to feel responsible for treating people in your dreams as if their wills should be respected, and aren't just figments of your imagination you can use as you wish."
blonde: "Oh. Yes."
me: "Well I don't mean we need to get naked or anything, at least not now, it's just nice to be able to do touch you while we talk. Also it's grounding. Ok, so, how did you get here?"
blonde: "You know how hard it was for me... growing up all my life, being teased!"
me: "Why were you teased?"
Her accent shifted rather suddenly into something that sounded South American, and she spoke about attending some very specific college whose name I can't remember. I asked a few more questions that didn't lead to any interesting responses.
blonde: "I can't take myself back that far, I might fall!"
me: "Fall from where? To where?"
blonde: "You know who to wake up and who to not wake up! Don't abuse your power."
me: "I'm sorry, I really don't know anything. That's why I ask all these questions, I'm trying to build a model."
She grabbed me and started to weep. I decided to move her onto the now empty couch and put a blanket over her, and leave. By this point in the conversation she had morphed into something that looked like a dog's head on a frail human body. Another small but ordinary-looking terrier jumped up on the couch to be with her, and an elderly but robust-seeming woman walked in the room.
elderly woman: (shaking head) "Sometimes I wonder if he gets in the way more than anything."
Note Though I took her to mean me, she could have also meant the dog that jumped on the couch. As she seemed to be some kind of authority, I wanted to go speak to her...but I was waking up.
As I awoke I was reading some kind of classified ads. One talked about a guy who was ready to sell his 8,500 sq ft. hotel near the 405 "to the New Economy". He said that he thought one of the big advantages his hotel had was that he had a big enough parking lot that he could offer free parking.
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