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Jesus and the Purple Dog

Date: 7-Nov-2014/11:42:28-4:00

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Characters: skeptic, me

In a non-lucid dream I was at a table and doing some painting on brick work, to make the bricks colorful.
Note I would not paint brick in real life. I hate it when people do that.
A man who I perceived to be an atheist/objectivist/libertarian skeptic addressed me.
skeptic: (dismissively) "So what's your take on this whole "Jesus" thing?"
me: "Jesus? Hm. Well if you'd asked me about it when I was younger, I would have told you I don't believe in God...much less the idea of that God personified and walking around Earth to talk to you. But how can I put it, let's say someone tells you about a purple dog. And the person you're telling has never seen a dog before. But here you are, telling them a purple dog exists."
skeptic: "Wait, hold on. So have they seen any dogs at all before?"
me: "My point is that you will get some different reactions. You might find people who've never seen a dog before being more willing to believe you saw a purple dog than those who've seen dogs and are certain they know you didn't see a purple one. Or someone will tell you that what you really saw was probably some lighter color dog that was dyed purple. Even a darker colored dog that was bleached and then dyed purple. Oddly enough: the more someone knows about dogs the more certain they will be that you didn't see an actual purple dog. Which is a little bit of a paradox; because they've learned the difference between knowing and not-knowing; yet aren't open to the idea of possibilities they don't see yet."
skeptic: (frustrated) "That doesn't answer the question. Jesus or no?"
me: "It could happen. Sure. Why do you ask?"
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