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Taylor Swift's Red Dress

Date: 4-Nov-2014/11:42:28-4:00

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Characters: woman, cameraman

I was moving somewhat awkwardly around what seemed to be a hotel room. It had a sink and mirror outside of the bathroom, and on the opposing wall there was a thermostat-like device with a monochrome readout on it. I watched the readout tick by, and it said something about "ROOM FOR TAYLOR SWIFT AND NAME" where NAME was some foreign-sounding word.
Looking at the device I went and started pushing buttons on it to try and get more information out of the box. As I did so, a blond girl in a long red dress walked into my field of view. The dress length was from neck to floor, and she stood to do something while looking into the mirror over the sink.
I decided to go up behind her and begin caressing her. At first she seemed reluctant and more interested in tuning her appearance, but as I continued she gave up on the mirror and began to respond. She started pulling off the dress from the top down to her waist and had a very nice body.
I haven't seen Taylor Swift naked, but she is rather thin--and this body was more filled out than hers is.
As I knew I was dreaming, I tried to influence it such that when the dress was pulled all the way off she would have some long stockings or something underneath it. However as we pulled it down below the waist she had some complex set of layered lingerie that was covering the lower half of her body.
woman: (awkwardly) "Well, I'm...I'm wearing a lot of underwear."
My point of view seemed to shift to where I was no longer in the body that had been touching her, but rather watching her and some other guy go off into the corner of the room. My point of view was suddenly that as if I were holding a video recorder and watching them; but my control over the body was limited. I could see through the point of view of the cameraman looking into the viewfinder, but I couldn't actually control anything.
Still, the perspective I couldn't control pointed the camera at the mirror. The face in the mirror was blurred, but I could see a face in the viewfinder that was shooting toward it.
The face of the figure I could see smiled and waved at me. It looked like a friend of mine from high school. I experienced a moment of confusion.
A square began to pan around on the viewfinder over the face. When it did, it transformed the face into my face, also giving me a grin and waving. Then the face was substituted with a 3-D cutaway model of machinery inside of a hollow skull. There was a black and white yin-yang in the position for the brain. It seemed someone was trying to demonstrate to me really, we can put anything here, don't take this too literally.
I perceived a shift where it seemed the person operating the camera was arguing with people and had access to a lot of different computer monitoring system.
cameraman: (angrily) "I want them to be reminded of who it is they are dealing with. We can destroy anyone we want, and if Bush isn't going to listen then we'll take these people down first and then move on to him."
I perceived at the time that he was saying that some scandal using fabricated evidence could topple Taylor Swift's fame with a tape that couldn't be proved to be false. And he was speaking of the Bush family in regards to Jeb Bush's supposed potential run for president. In "news of the odd", I read that Taylor Swift ostensibly made a paranoid remark recently that she was afraid she might be framed for murder, and hoped it wouldn't happen because she couldn't survive in jail:
I think the dream and nightmare of being framed comes from--I could do nothing wrong, I could sit in my house with the cats all day and somehow there could be an article about me buying a house in a place I've never been or dating a guy I've never met. So, it's like...then you take it a step further and in a nightmare world it's being framed for murder.
It taps into things I think more people should think about; the nature of information and how we accept it. Which makes me like her a bit more than before--to be interviewed and to remark upon such things--if she said it, but then I don't know her, so...am I going to trust some interview quote? Do I need to track down the original video and forensically analyze it? My knowledge in Taylor Swift is limited, and this quote is the first time I can say I've had much interest over her besides the term "Red" and the Target logo.
Unable to get my bearings and wanting to gain control, I flailed about until I could manuever over to the electronic box on the wall I'd been dealing with before. It was still beige and mounted about shoulder high with the monochrome screen. It was offering to "play deals" so I mashed a button.
It wasn't able to fit much on the screen, so it was scrolling messages along. It began to explain how you'd get discounts if you let the device take control your water and electricity somehow.
I assumed it meant that it would--for instance--notice patterns in when you weren't around and not run the water heater to give much hot water while you were away, or similar things for A/C and heat.
While the device seemed a bit mundane, its earlier odd declaration of who was in the room gave me interest in it. I tried to examine the thing itself to see if there was any writing on it about what company made it. I couldn't find anything other than assurances that it was there to keep you secure and installed/certified by the government or some authority. It appeared to have a quote on it that said something like "muffling muslims since 1945" (made the date up, but it was some anti-Islamic assurance).
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