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Ghost Game Dining Hall

Date: 28-Sep-2019/9:56+3:00

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Characters: me

I was in a dining hall that I perceved to be at Cornell. Knowing I was no longer a student, I asked my former roommate how much it cost to get in without a meal plan. He said $25, so I paid it.
Inside it was very vast. I got a few things on my tray to take back to the table of the group I was sitting with. While most things were free, they had beer for sale. One very strange promotion sold an unusually small beer (like 4 ounces) with a deal that you could get an even tinier beer with it (like 1 ounce), and the pair would cost $1. They seemed like gag items or novelty.
Campus dining halls certainly did not sell beer in my time, and I presume they still don't!
I didn't buy any beer, but my roommate came back to the table I was sitting at and had gotten two full-sized Corona beers for us. He alos got a lemon. For some reason I peeled the lemon instead of slicing it, and then gave us each wedges.
I wandered off to get some more food, and people were bumping into me seemingly on purpose.  They were moving like zombie game characters, in straight lines in all directions.
me: (grumbling to self) "I'm not going to get in a fight with these people knocking into me because I'm a peaceful person. But if I did take offense and get in a scuffle with anyone, I wonder what security cameras would make of their zombie-like movement. Wouldn't that prove I'm right, that this place is fake?"
My point of view phased out to playing a strange pixelated video game.  It was dark colored and the game was at night, with black-on-white text narrating the backstory.
The story was that you were assuming the character of someone named "Colonel" and it mentioned being in your "newly reborn body"--but this body was a ghost.  You started the game standing on the roof of a large house, where you could see a man and a woman in an upstairs bedroom.
The woman referred to the man as "Bobby"--who may or may not have been the alive version of the "Colonel".  The game mechanic was that while you were outside the house and no living people were present, your body looked opaque...but entering the room would transform you to appear ghostly--and you could fly.
Entering the room, I flew back and forth rapidly between the characters. If your ghost passed over a person, they would react and say something like "I feel a chill, do you feel that?" For some reason I kept skipping rapidly through their dialogue--because I felt I had played this game before.
I tried to take some action in the room, but the narration text stopped me and said "I think they're still meeting".
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