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Seeing Alien on Friday

Date: 3-Nov-2019/9:56+3:00

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Characters: me, man, bystander, nice man, woman

I was somewhat excited in a dream scenario to find a very ordinary looking Google "Gmail" terminal.
me: "Whoa. This is...this is pretty much exactly like the gmail I use. And this room looks pretty conventional. That means the odds of finding some kind of connection are probably pretty good."
A confused man looked at me, and helped me through typing some messages to various email addresses I use.
me: "See, the universes have been forked--we have to get a communication across. Just sending a message of any sort is good. But it would be even better if we could get a picture of something here across, something really unusual that wouldn't be in my world."
I began snooping around the room at objects, but everything seemed pretty mundane. An ordinary kitchen with ordinary coffee pots. I picked up a small cell-phone sized device that was a mixture of metal and orange/white plastic...with a logo that said XO on it.
me: "Any weird technology we can get a picture of. I don't know about this, I feel like...XO, I've seen this somewhere."
Upon awakening, I realized where I was thinking I'd seen this was the One Laptop Per Child project. Those laptops are typically green and white.
The man became alarmed at some phone call he got about me, and spoke to others who were watching me in the room.
man: (exasperated) "Oh, great. They're demanding I hand over all my email, and passwords for all my accounts."
me: (angry) "Don't listen to whoever this is! Don't trust them! If you're scared now, you haven't realized what the real costs are. Haven't you heard of the saying "divide and conquer"? By splitting the networks they can do anything. You have to explain!"
bystander: (to me) "You always insist you are entitled to an explanation. Entitlement is your M.O. And it was entitlement that led you to believe that when powerful movers in the game were going to exercise strategic changes, it would be you who stepped in to singlehandedly called the shots to stop them. Why would you expect anything but forceful reactions?"
man: "I know a guy who works at a technology company and mentioned lucid dreaming. They picked him up and interrogated him for a while before deciding it was just a coincidence. That kind of thing apparently happens all the time--thanks to you."
A nicer-seeming man walked up to me, and extended a set of keys toward me.
nice man: "Well, I'm on your side in this. And if it helps whatever you need to do, you can take my car--it's outside."
me: (shaking my head) "I do appreciate the gesture. It doesn't matter; I'll wake up in a minute."
nice man: "If it helps your understanding any, maybe on Friday you can come back and we'll watch the movie "Alien"."
me: "...er, I've already seen it."
A mean-seeming woman interjected.
woman: (crossly) "Good, then you already know why people don't like you...and don't come back."
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