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Home, Shelf, or Drug?

Date: 16-Dec-2009/12:23+3:00

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Characters: me, girl

I was walking through some rooms with a girl and pondering the word "Atillon" for some reason. I looked it up on a device I was carrying the definition came up as rack, or shelf.
me: "I had the notion that it meant 'home' for some reason. It sounds French."
girl: "If it were French it would be pronounced atillion instead."
me: "But rack or shelf... hm... well, that could be considered home if you're a computer. Like a server rack, you know."
Note It's the brand name for a cancer-treatment drug called Tegafur, that I've never heard of.
As it happened, the rooms we were passing through had a lot of cabling, wires, and racks. Things seemed rather disorderly, but people seemed to be ignoring us and working on putting things in order.
me: "What is it we're looking for here again, anyway?"
girl: "I think that's our clue over there."
She pointed to a white door which had the doorknob painted bright purple. We opened it to reveal a room that was dark like someone's old garage, and had more technical junk inside of it. There were tons of post-its and sticky labels on things, and some were difficult to read. Several of them were labeled as DMV records.
me: "Maybe this is a clue, something about people involved with The Long Now?"
girl: (puzzled) "Where do you see that?"
me: "Well this tape says LON and this other one says NOW, and they're right next to each other. Could be nothing I guess."
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