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Camry Accident Investigation Facility

Date: 16-Dec-2009/12:07+3:00

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Characters: me, man

I was being guided down a wide hallway in what seemed to be an empty building. There was a red plastic bottle of liquid in my hand, and two men in surgical masks were walking behind me. I got freaked out and turned around to face them, and splashed some of the liquid in their direction.
me: "You can't kill us... even if you think you did! We'll find you!"
They didn't say anything and just kept on pointing me forward. We passed by rooms that looked like they had been equipped at one point in time, but had very few machines in them. Eerie music was playing.
me: "Dammit, does there have to be eerie music playing, just because it's an eerie hallway?"
This got one of the guys in surgical masks to take off his mask and laugh. A white gloved hand seemed to jump out of a terminal and snap, the music stopped. I could still hear a vague noise like windchimes.
me: "Now all I hear are windchimes, and that's pretty scary too because there's no wind in here."
We approached an elevator and they opened the door. We started to descend down into what seemed to be a parking garage or storage for hundreds of cars. They seemed to be in new condition.
One of the men spoke, and I don't think he had been wearing a surgical mask.
man: "Well really, we can do whatever we want here at this point. Let me give you a little grounding on where you are right now--but be calm. This is the facility where we've been doing the last of the fatal Camry accident investigations."
Note My car is a Camry. So I got a bit alarmed at the idea that I'd died in a car crash, and that I was going through some kind of reconstruction out of brain bits being done by machines from the future. Though that wouldn't be particularly big or surprising news at this point, and I guess I'm down with that.
man: "Our computer specifically targeted you."
Note At the time, the use of the word targeted made me think that a computer-driven car had killed me, although it's probably more reasonable to assume they meant "targeted me to investigate".
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