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Paging Dr. Shrub

Date: 16-Dec-2009/11:42+3:00

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Characters: me, guy

I'd had a long and somewhat personal lucid conversation from someone who was criticizing how I live my life. I apologized for not doing better, but since things seemed solid I shifted the conversation to dream mechanics. It seemed we were in a toy store with a lot of other people.
me: "Okay, what about the attacks. What should I do?"
guy: "Oh it's always monsters guarding treasures or something. I just disable that."
me: "You mean it's like a video game to you? Well I don't have any way to disable it. I won't last here very long if I don't get some help."
At this point I seemed to become tangled in a thin green tape, and was being pulled at by a medium-sized green shrub.
me: (panicked) "Here is a perfect example! Why is this shrub attacking me?"
guy: (laughing) "I think you have it wrong, it's more like you're attacking it. Let's untangle you."
I stopped struggling and he came over and began looking at the green tape. Some other people came over as well and started looking concerned.
guy: "What the... no, you are right, this is going after you. It's not a shrub."
Someone in the crowd picked up the tree, it seemed to collapse down into a base and vanish. The base was a green plastic thing that looked something like a smoke detector (or maybe this thing that Google Images found called a "laundryball"):
They dismantled the device and looked inside of it.
guy: "It's using an emergency room code."
Note The insinuation I got was that the tree was able to whisk me away from the dream situation somewhat like how an ambulance would be assumed to be helping--and not hurting--someone it was taking away.
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