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Vitomin 1-8-9-19

Date: 16-Dec-2009/11:27+3:00

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Characters: me, employee, uniformed man one, uniformed man two, girl

I was in a place that looked a bit like a shopping mall, and on the wall between some stores there was a device that looked like some kind of control panel. A person I felt like I was traveling with tinkered with it until it started playing 'Mickey' by Toni Basil.
me: "No, don't turn it up that loud... turn it down. Okay, not that far down. All right."
They disappeared and I realized I was laying on my back messing with some black shoelaces. The hard plastic end of one of the laces had come off. Someone who seemed like a mall employee came up and glared at the wall, and then at me.
me: "I didn't touch it, that was some other guy. By the way, do you know if shoe stores sell replacements for these tips on shoelaces? What do you call these things?"
Note Rumor has it those tips have a name, and that they're called "aglets"
employee: (annoyed) "No, you can't buy those here."
me: "That's too bad, seems wasteful to have to replace the whole thing when the shoelace is fine."
She walked away and then my perspective shifted to where I was a bit far off, observing a conversation between some uniformed people who were walking in a line.
uniformed man one: "This is extremely suspicious. Six of our guys had unscheduled upgrades to the Michael program."
uniformed man two: "I don't trust it. Who did the upgrades?"
uniformed man one: "They were Air guys. From the Air Force, I mean to say."
Though I felt I was just an invisible spectator who was far away, the line stopped and one man turned in my direction. He seemed to speak directly to me.
uniformed man one: "I need you to remember something. Think you can do it?"
me: (startled) "I can try and write it down when I wake up."
uniformed man one: "Vitomin 1-8..."
Note He articulated it as 'vi-toe-min' and not 'vi-taa-min'.
me: "Wait. What are the numbers?"
uniformed man one: "Vitomin 1-8-9-19"
me: "Vitamin 1-8-9-19... hope that's right I'll write it down!"
I jumped out of bed and leapt to the computer to try and type it in. A girl was looking over my shoulder.
girl: "No, no... this is mixed up. Apple Computer and Animal Computer are not the same thing."
me: "What are you looking at? I'm writing down these... these vitamin numbers, I was in a mall with some guys complaining about an upgrade to a Michael program. Something about the air force. I got the feeling it was like they were speaking about people actually getting software upgrades, you know, like to your brain."
girl: "I mean the numbers, they're confused."
Then I realized I wasn't awake yet, and actually woke up.
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