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ip.com and the IP address

Date: 8-Dec-2009/14:33+3:00

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Characters: me

I was visiting a website on which I have a user profile, that can be edited like a wiki. Something I noticed was that a page I had written about myself had been covered with spam. Somehow I was in the back seat of a car driven by a friend, and though I knew I was dreaming I could control the device I was reading on rather well.
me: "Wow. This is...an unusual level of dream control over a technology device. Let's see... well, this isn't the right site so I'm going to run a whois... and... a-ha. Okay the DNS information points to something called ip.com. Hm, as if it was ip.com's job to hand out ip addresses... that's the trick."
Note ip.com is a site about managing intellectual property, a subject I'm not a big fan of. I could have probably guessed it would be something like that, but I'd never visited the site before after I woke up.
My friend who was driving the car was in the front seat, frantically tapping on a cell phone with one hand and driving with the other. The rate at which he was entering information seemed rather impossible.
This was followed by several false awakenings in which I was trying to communicate to people that there was some kind of internet switching conspiracy that was based on exploiting a confusion about whether ip.com had the authority to be a DNS resolver for Internet Protocol addresses. I felt a lot of urgency and it seemed like people were trying to stop me from telling people about it. Felt like forever before I could finally wake up for real.
Note In real-world dumb news about domain addressing, someone registered org.com. This leads to confusion in systems which automatically tack on .com in certain situations of guessing addresses, and some people are vulnerable to getting hijacked by this when they try to visit .org sites..
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