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Planet Mull

Date: 7-Dec-2009/13:05+3:00

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Characters: me, stuffed animal, scientist, girl

I was attacked by a short-haired grey cat. Somehow I managed to keep it from clawing or biting me by holding its neck. I roughly swept it away from me. Then I noticed a long-haired black and white cat looking at me from a nearby step. It didn't attack so I pet it, and it seemed to morph into a ragged stuffed animal.
me: "I've got nothing against cats, but animals in dreams often attack. Wait, what are you?"
stuffed animal: "I think... I think I'm a tiny bubble."
me: "A bubble? Well, you look like what I'd call a stuffed animal."
At this point I started taking stock of where I was, and it seemed like a very disorganized workshop full of partially assembled toys. I was on one of the workshop tables being looked at by a scientist-doll. I could see a full sized figure of what looked like a real person the doll was supposed to represent, and he shrugged and walked off up some stairs. In a disembodied state, I followed him.
me: "I'm... hm... well I know it's probably annoying for me to be asking you questions, and I hope in a sense that maybe I'm setting a good example by trying to communicate with what I might dismiss as stuffed animals or toys. So I'd engage me if I were you."
scientist: "Doesn't that still seem rather self serving?"
me: "Oh, I don't know. Gotta try something. How is it that I got here?"
scientist: (shrugging) "Some people are just thirstier than others I suppose."
Note I took him to be using 'thirst' in this case to mean curiosity, e.g. thirst for knowledge.
scientist: "Let me show you this. You've already seen one before, but this is another one...a 3-D DVD."
He walked up to the wall and somehow caused patterns to start carving themselves out of it. At one point it became transparent so it seemed like I was looking into another room that was on the other side of the wall. A yellow car began to restructure itself like a Transformer, and became one of those large sterotypical drill machines burrowing directly into the ground.
Suddenly the illusion of it all being on the other side of the glass was broken. The glass shattered and pieces of debris went flying everywhere. My reflex was to try and duck, but there were too many objects. Large tires began falling from the ceiling and I was going to be crushed. I decided to just lay on the ground and there was no injury from the tires.
me: "Guess I've got my fear reflex under control better than most. I've been killed in dreams so many times. What difference would one more make?"
scientist: "The discs are a mega-gigabit."
me: (puzzled, struggling to think) "It's hard for me to work out right now, but... we have gigabit ethernet so...a mega-gigabit wouldn't be very much, or... well let's see a terabyte is... um..."
My math wasn't getting very far, and the scientist seemed annoyed and wandered off.
Note A mega-gigabit would be 128 terabytes, and hard drives storing a terabyte are mass consumer market items at the moment. Though the current projections for HVD, aka Holographic Versatile Disc, peg their storage at 500GB by 2020. A mega-gigabit would be more than 250 of those discs...so perhaps I should have been impressed.
As I walked in the direction he had gone, I found myself in a store which seemed to be selling packaged discs. There were thin labels on them to draw attention, with blinking lights. I picked up and scrutinized it.
me: "These stickers with no obvious power source are familiar. I know I've seen them somewhere."
Moments later, I believed myself to be awake and discussing the above dreams with a girl in a bedroom. But a movie was playing on the ceiling of a video game that looked a bit like Command and Conquer.
girl: "Oh hey look, it's that game. The game from the internet."
me: "What game from the internet?"
girl: "Planet Mull. You know, from the commercials... 'Planet Mull: Play Well, Play Hard'"
me: "I've never heard of that."
Note Googling for Planet Mull brings up the usual suspects of bad digitazions of phrases like "inhabitants of the planet will" or "inside the planet hull". There is an Isle of Mull and some people joke that it's like they are treated like they live on the "Planet Mull". But the first hit is this odd photoshopped image which has an unusual series of votes and comments attached.
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